Muchira M
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His expertise ranges from 3D fashion and graphics design on-screen, CAD to the deep world of Photoshop and visual manipulation.

With a keen eye for detail and design, he excels in conceptualizing, producing, and directing ideas while leading high-performance projects and resulting in product success. His background includes key experience in Virtual fashion designing to selecting, preparing, editing, and positioning photos for both print and web publications. He is also skilled in portrait corrections, photo stitching, adjusting texts and visuals, pixel editing, parametric editing, and clipping paths.

He is a multifaceted designer and especially a graphic designer. He has mastered the use of adobe photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. He can skillfully undertake any task and project in this software with utmost proficiency. He can do logos, posters, banners, brochures, magazine covers, book covers, and any sort and form of infographics that can be done. He also doubles in social media marketing which gives her an incredible skill set in directing and sorting all forms of infographics that can be posted across social media platforms.
He has experience of over 6 years in this field
His experience makes me perceptive and highly creative.
He combines creativity, innovative art, and knowledge with a handful of passion and handwork to implement all project initiatives.

His client is his priority. Their satisfaction is his delight.
Graphic Designer


Kenyatta University


100 Projects Completed

He skillfully and creatively creates designs and CAD products.
His specialty includes infographics, Illustrations, sketches, packaging, product design, and 2D and 3D modeling and design.
Taking part in the initial developments of numerous fashion products and overseeing start-up projects from scratch make up his success story. He also doubles in social media marketing, AD creation, and content writing in all his speciality fields.


40 Projects Completed

Logos are basic requirements for any startup business. Murage has been working in this field for about five years. He knows what logo matches your needs. He can create anything from Sketches, simple illustrations image tracing and expansion, with the aim of creating a logo that best suits you. Whether it's a 2D or 3D logo, he can do it with precision and efficiency.

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