Samuel O
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74 Projects
Samuel is a creative graphics designer with the sole goal of creating a visual communication solution to clients, this solution is provided through Visual identity Design (Logo design), Motion design (Logo animation), Publication design and Advertising design. His sole goal is providing clients with the best satisfaction to their visual communication problems.
Animation: 2D
Graphic Designer


Research and Presentation Skills: Online Research, Microsoft PowerPoint (Proficient), Microsoft Word (Proficient)
Design and Creative Skills: Canva (Proficient), CorelDRAW (Proficient), Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate), Adobe InDesign (Proficient), Adobe Illustrator (Proficient), Adobe AfterEffects (Proficient).
Multimedia Skills: Audacity (Proficient), Easy worship (intermediate), YouTube (Intermediate), Adobe Premiere Pro (Intermediate).
Programming Skills: Fortran (Intermediate), HTML (Basic), CSS (Basic).
Interpersonal Skills: Leadership, Attention to Details, Tolerance, Discipline, Problem Solving, Hard Work, Diligence, Patience, Decision Making, Organization, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, People Management, Visual Communication, Analytical, Creative and Planning.
Language Skills: English (Proficient), Yoruba (Proficient), French (Basic).


Learning new things, meeting new people, Graphic design, Listening to music, Games, Sports, Logo design, Motion graphics, Video editing.


Obafemi awolowo University Ile Ife

He learned from Various Teachers and Lecturers through a space of 4 years and more about the field of Microbes which are small lives not seen with the physical eye.
His journey as a graphics designer started with a more desire to solve design problems and make things absolutely right.


20 Projects Completed

As I graphics designer he provides clients with. A perfect solution to their visual communication problems this is done professionally and satisfactory using (1) Effective Logo design (2) Publication Design (3) Product packaging and (4) Motion design or Logo Animation


12 Projects Completed

He works Cooperatively with the Clients' brief to create a stunning and satisfying logo. He uses Adobe illustrator to complete most of my logo process after several references have been sketched from various researches done.
The projects takes Mostly a week or more based on Clients' specifications and add ons that accompanies the logo or rebranding process

Animation: 2D

10 Projects Completed

He created 2D animation using Aftereffect and Moho or Microsoft PowerPoint for strong presentations, The animations are made after a detailed storyboard has been following the clients' stories.
The project takes weeks depending on the duration of the animation and Clients' specifications


2 Projects Completed

Most brochures are created after going through the brand's guideline and clients' design brief. He uses Adobe Indesign mostly for brochure design coupled with Adobe Illustrator or Photosho.

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