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Adriana is a Qualified Graphic Designer based in Ecuador, with 10+ years of experience as a designer / illustrator for companies located in Ecuador, Spain and United States. She focus her job on different areas of visual communication as editorial design, corporate, advertising, packaging and illustration. She designs for digital and printed media.
During her career, she won several awards, mentions and publications in Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina.
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Illustration: Digital
Health Supplements
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With several years of experience, Adriana's Specialities are:
- Digital retouching
- Printed ads
- Exterior Advertising
- Merchandising collaterals
- Corporate Design
- Social media and digital ads and images
- Design for e-mail marketing.
- Static banners and images for Websites.
- Editorial Design: Magazines, Catalogs, Manuals, Brochures, Books, Business Reports
- Illustration


As a graphic designer / illustrator, Adriana is interested in the following projects:
- Packaging and label
- Advertising campaigns
- Design for SMEs and Big Companies
- Design for Non-Profits
- Design for Start Ups
- Social Media
- Editorial
- Branding
- Editorial and Children's Illustration
If your project isn't on list, please let Adriana know. Nothing is set in stone.


Israel University


800 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked as Graphic Designer for several years. Detailed information:
- In house Graphic Designer: 7 years
- Freelance Graphic Designer: + 10 years
- Volunteer Designer: 8 years


400 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked for 7 years with Marketing Team in El Comercio News, producing printed and digital material for their business purposes.


20 Projects Completed

Adriana worked for several companies related with this industry, specially Restaurants, Cafes and for Food Manufactured with packaging and labeling design. The activities were:
- Design for restaurants: Menu, Logos, Illustrated Placemats
- Label design


10 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked as Editorial Designer in several projects like advertorial layouts on Newspaper and Magazines. She has designed Magazines and Book Covers too.

Health Supplements

3 Projects Completed

Adriana has designed labels for Health Supplements. One of them "Neuroflow" it's commercialized online.


300 Projects Completed

Adriana has been working on In House Agency of El Comercio News in Ecuador, on the following activities: Classified ads, Advertising Campaigns. Graphic and Editorial Material for Marketing and Merchandising Campaigns. Ocasional support on digital illustration.


50 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked on mailing design campaigns for El Comercio News, Toy Friki Online Store and Cloud Communications in Ecuador. There is a sample on her portfolio.


20 Projects Completed

Adriana has done several brochure projects as Marketing Collaterals and Material for Internal Communication. She could work on the following brochures:
- Bi-fold (on A5 and A4 sizes)
- Tri-fold
- Six-Fold Brochures
- Magazine brochures
You could see samples on her portfolio.

Illustration: Digital

20 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked as a Freelance Illustrator for companies as El Comercio News, 360 Comunicaciones, and 3D papel in Ecuador and for in Spain. She did illustrated menus, character design and children Illustration for them.


15 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked for several companies in Ecuador, USA and Spain on logo design and branding collaterals. You could see some samples of this job in her portfolio.

Banner Ad

10 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked on static banner ads for Nerd's Bakery and Mountain Peak Outdoors websites. She has worked on El Comercio News digital projects too.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

5 Projects Completed

Adriana has worked for advertising agencies as: 360 Comunicaciones and Maruri - Grey S.A. illustrating story boards for some video campaigns.

Book Covers

3 Projects Completed

Adriana worked for personal projects that included Illustrated Book Covers. As a freelancer, she worked for Marius Dettmer PhD. designing 2 options of his book: Boost your Balance

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