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Joseph L
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Joined 12/5/2020
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Joseph, specializing as a multimedia digital artist, has over 15+ years of experience covering photography, graphic design, website development, video directing/editing, videography, and digital art. Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography, he polished his craft working in a variety of fields including the oil and gas industry, university administration, wildlife conservation/education, and the marketing/printing industry.

Joseph's photography and digital art have been exhibited throughout the United States at universities, art galleries, and the MacWorld Expo. He has made an impact internationally with his "America, and Heather" digital art series exhibited at a gallery in Barcelona, Spain. His selected artwork was also published in a Photography/Design magazine based in Sydney, Australia. In addition to his two-dimensional art accomplishments, Joseph became a successful filmmaker and video editor with award-winning short films such as "Searching for the Vaquita" and "A New Message For Smokey."

Commercially, Joseph began his professional graphic arts career designing visual media campaigns for BP's strategic planning teams. He later joined Texas A&M University at Galveston, leading the administration's visual marketing department on projects such as rebranding the website, the creation and production of the "Sea Aggie" (quarterly newsletter), photojournalism services, and providing a variety of graphic design support. Following his 10 year career as a full-time graphic designer, which included 5 years working freelance for a promo printing company and a software developer, Joseph made a transition into the environmental education field.

While working and interacting within the education and energy fields as a designer, Joseph became interested in wildlife ecology and conservation education. Motivating him to complete additional academic coursework at the University of Connecticut while at the same time providing teaching and graphic design support to faculty and grad students. Around 2013 while working as a seasonal forest bird surveyor, he began collaborating with the Wild Lens Collective (WLC) - a non-profit artist collective focused on the intersection of creative storytelling and environmental conservation.

Joseph's position as a WLC senior video editor and board member has helped him play a role in bridging the gap between science and public education. His seven years of involvement with the organization has reinforced his commitment to public outreach and education. Joseph has co-directed and edited several video projects, provided video production support on a feature film, designed/developed the organization's website -, and has worked on many digital and print projects.
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