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As a multifaceted artist, Ryder utilizes his visual-spatial intelligence and creative imagination to possess a multitude of skills related to several distinctive art fields. In his experience with writing, he has found that over the course of four years his ability to convey written communication and storytelling has impressed those who get the chance to read his work. He has experience in inquiry essays, screenwriting, scriptwriting, fictional storytelling, and more.
Illustration: Digital


Ryder's specialties include topics related to: Film and television research, psychedelic research, philosophy, narrative storytelling, and imagery based writing.


Ryder's artistic abilities span beyond writing. Along with video production and editing, he also has experience in scriptwriting, creative writing, illustration, architectural and set photography, motion graphics, acting, fashion design, and content creation. Throughout his education, he strives to develop and strengthen these additional skillsets while simultaneously increasing his knowledge on the beauty, technique, and development of visual media so he can create material that is unique to marginalized groups of humans - while also making it pleasing to view on all levels of sensory.


Columbia College Chicago

Majoring in Television
Concentration in Internet and Mobile Media
Minor in Entrepreneurship


2 Projects Completed

Ryder has experience in the Television industry; he has worked in control rooms, operated television cameras, created a newscasting show, written proposals, and more.


2 Projects Completed

With architecture, Ryder has completed two series of photography for those needing to get magnificent photos of buildings, skyscrapers, and landscapes.

Illustration: Digital

7 Projects Completed

Ryder has two years of experience with the iPad app, Procreate. He has completed commissions that range from tattoo designs to character designs to psychedelic art.

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