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Tehmina has BFA in Graphic Design degree. She is a results-driven professional with proven experience to handle multiple design assignments and delivering them on time. She is a dedicated, self-motivated achiever who is committed to success and skilled at juggling multiple tasks in high-pressured environments.

She has been doing freelance graphic designing for a long time under the principle of building partnerships with her clients. In addition, she create a full suite of solutions that aid to grow her client’s business and meet their organizational goals.

She is dedicated to helping her clients build their brands and share visions. Every brand has a story to tell, a story that will impact, surprise, engage, inform, and delight their audience while also making a measurable impact on business goals. While design is not only about pretty visuals, she work towards understanding your specific needs, getting involved with the topics is working on and offering you her unique insights to achieve the best outcomes.

If you are looking for a Designer that pays attention to detail, is hardworking and willing to achieve your desired finished product, she is the one you are looking for! she also offer RUSH and on-demand services.
Health Supplements
Graphic Designer
Illustration: Digital
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• Logos and Signage
• Stationary and Business Cards
• Brochures and Newsletters
• Postcards, Posters and Promotional Mailers
• Magazines and infographics
• Visual Designing and photo Retouching
and a lot more


She always enjoys the creative process from concept to completion.
Designing different logos, magazines, brochures, flyers, newsletters, manuals, stationaries, posters and editing existing design are tasks that she enjoys and at which she excels.
She keep up with the latest design trends, she is proactive in seeking inspiration through the environment, other designers, and industry developments.
She admire the work of Paul Rand, and Carolyn Davidson, the creator of one of the most iconic logos of all time: the Nike swoosh.


Wichita State University

She has Graphic Design degree from WSU, KS. She is been working successfully in this field for 11 years. Delivering all projects on time according to her clients budget.



500 Projects Completed

Designing is what she does, and what excel at. Which include
✔ Logo Design/ Infographics
✔ Stationary Design
✔ Business Card Design
✔ Brochure / Catalog Design
✔ Banner / Poster / Flyer Design
✔ Facebook Cover Page Design
✔ DVD Cover Design


500 Projects Completed

Marketing is a major part of your business, no worries she is here for you. She can design all print marketing materials.


400 Projects Completed

Almost all of these projects are related to promote businesses through different print projects.


15 Projects Completed

Designed several logos and stationary for IT companies, including clients from Pakistan, Tanzania.


6 Projects Completed

She have experienced to design couple of websites, app, Facebook for a business etc.


5 Projects Completed

She have designed one major restaurant logo, menu, box to go, Stationary, business card and table top add. Also have done several food ads and postcards.


2 Projects Completed

She have served couple of human beauty and animal boutique clients.


2 Projects Completed

The classic poster includes her portfolio for belly dance classes. It was one of her projects she enjoyed the most. It was a complete hand drawn illustration and then transferred to Adobe Illustrator.


1 Projects Completed

Re designed a logo for a a surgical company overseas.

Health Supplements

1 Projects Completed

Logo design and label making of 10 health supplements for a client from Iran was a great experience.

Illustration: Digital

230 Projects Completed

She can design any sort of digital illustrations for all types of advertisements.


200 Projects Completed

Advertise your company through different sources, like newsletters,
postcards, brochures, magazine adds (inserts) etc.


95 Projects Completed

Designing different logos is a task she enjoys and at which she excels.


55 Projects Completed

Newsletters no problem at all ! You can include photographs, infographics, illustration digital or hand drawn.

Direct Mail

50 Projects Completed

She is pro in creating attractive art for direct mailers including flyers, postcards, brochure etc.


30 Projects Completed

Just explain what's in your mind, what type of infographics you are interested and she will make it.


15 Projects Completed

As brochures allow businesses to introduce new products and services to existing customers or increase their reach by advertising to new prospects.
She has done several brochures which helped all of her clients to introduce and achieve their goals.

Book Covers

4 Projects Completed

She can create book covers however you want it to be including hand drawn illustration, photographs or just simply text.

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