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Matteo Z
Designer #53910
Joined 11/11/2020
4 Star Rating
138 Projects
Italian Creative Director based in Switzerland.
Matteo opened is studio five years ago in Switzerland in the middle of the Alps.

Being an entrepreneur has taught him to work well under pressure, to have a structured and well organized mind-set when it comes running several projects at the same time as well as managing

On top of this, Matteo like to consider himself as an international profile. Since He was a student, He had the wish and dream not only to travel around the world, but to live in it.

Matteo did not want to visit different places but looked for opportunities that would have allowed him to discover the local culture and to be part of the local communities.

That is why he decided to be an exchange student in Oregon for one year (High School), and thanks to this opportunity he did few internships in the US while completing his Bachelor degree in Italy.

Following this philosophy, Matteo decided to found his company in Switzerland and to target customers outside the Italian boarders.
All these experiences taught him how important it is to learn the culture and live in and to be openminded to combine the best of cultures.
Graphic Designer