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Greta is a seasoned Graphic Designer with a diverse work history. Greta's work is defined by quality designs with a unique and professional perspective. Clients are pleased with her range of design abilities and willingness to learn to get an odd job done.

Greta is available to work remotely as needed.
Animation: 2D
Graphic Designer
Illustration: Hand Drawn
Web Designer
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Illustration, Graphic Design, Book Layout, Logo, Vector Graphics, Product Design, Web Graphics, Branding, Patterns, Original Art


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Photo Editing, Illustrations, Vector Graphics, Pattern Design, Product Design


Towson University

Graduated from Towson University with a degree in Art & Design.


1,000 Projects Completed

Greta has worked for businesses within design departments to create social media, web, product, and ad graphics. Prior to going freelance, she spent four years in corporate offices learning the ropes and learning from mentors.


1,000 Projects Completed

Greta has experience working with various business across industries to create designs for social media, print, web, and products. Most of these businesses have been online making sales to customers online rather than in person.


300 Projects Completed

Greta has worked for companies that solely sell online, and therefore their online presence is extra critical. She has done social media graphics, ads, image editing, and website graphics.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

120 Projects Completed

I have experience hand drawing illustrations for books, patterns, cards, postcards, and other products. My primary medium is colored pencil.

Illustration: Digital

75 Projects Completed

Greta has experience creating digital illustrations for patterns, logos, infographics, stock imagery, books, and flyers.


60 Projects Completed

Greta has experience creating online and print ads for various companies. She is able to adhere to your brand standards and make the ad result in sales.


15 Projects Completed

Greta has experience creating logos for various companies. She is able to communicate with client to discuss ideas, imagery, and style, then translate that conversation to a impactful logo.


12 Projects Completed

Greta has experience creating infographics for a range of industries. She is able to create vector illustrations to accompany text to make a concept come to life through a completed infographic.

Animation: 2D

10 Projects Completed

Greta is able to animate infographics, ads, and illustrations to make GIFs for your organization. Experienced in Photoshop timeline animation.

Book Covers

6 Projects Completed

Greta has experience laying out book covers for multiple companies. Her most recent work was a coloring book cover for a publishing company looking for a hand-drawn design to match the interior graphics.

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