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Catrina is a professional illustrator and designer. She has a degree in Children's Illustration and has published two illustrated works that are now available on Amazon.

She has a background in graphic design, but the primary focus of the degree program was on hand-designed and hand-illustrated children's books. She has worked in the United Kingdom and the United States, so she is familiar with U.K. and U.S. requirements.

Catrina has a Children's Book Illustration degree from the University of Findlay in the United States.
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In design work, Catrina's specialties are realism, anthropomorphism, anime/manga style and digital art. She has two years of experience in graphic design and logo design. She has a strong interest in character design and storyboard work.


Catrina's preferred styles include inkwork, watercolor and acrylic paint. Marker and colored pencil are also specialties.

Her degree is in Children's illustration, but she is also familiar with comic book art, computer art and one-off logo design.

Other areas of interest:
-Health care
-Teaching English
-Language development
-Character design
-Character development
-Story line and storyboard development


Kent State University

Catrina studied fine art at Kent State University with a focus on wood-block printing, printmaking, acid etching, sculpture and drawing.

The University of Findlay

Catrina studied graphic design, creative writing and children's book illustration through a four-year program at the University of Findlay. Her focus was on traditional media, photography and storyboarding.


500 Projects Completed

Catrina created blogs and videos for the entertainment industry. She completed interviews for magazines and one-off articles for magazines like Elle.


100 Projects Completed

Catrina writes content on drugs (illicit and prescription) and how they impact individuals. She focuses on illicit drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, opioids. She focuses on prescription drugs such as sleep aids and opioid painkillers in this content as well.


100 Projects Completed

Catrina created blogs and articles describing ways to obtain work, improve education and earn more as a freelancer or traditional worker.


15 Projects Completed

Write content describing vehicles for companies such as Edmunds.


1 Projects Completed

Catrina produced a children's book discussing the honey bee with the goal of reducing fear and stigma among children, so that the bee can be appreciated and protected.


10,000 Projects Completed

Ghostwriter and copywriter since 2009 across many major industries.

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100 Projects Completed

Blog posts for legal and other professional industries.


15 Projects Completed

Published author of around 10 books available in schools and on Amazon.

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