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Steve C
Designer #52342
Joined 10/7/2020
5 Star Rating
103 Projects
Steve is a graphic designer with 30 years experience having fun creating print literature, logos, signage and other marketing materials.

Creating visuals to your web specifications for use by a web designer or in an email campaign is also easy and enjoyable.

A short stint in sales, and years working in corporate marketing departments, provides Steve unusual and great insight to the business decision-making for price, product development, placement, and promotion. Making it easier to work collaboratively with companies of any size.

Steve values your perspective, respects your skills and understands his role as a designer. Knowing he compliments your team in creating successful marketing projects to support your sales process or to inform, influence and move people to take specific actions.

​He enjoys working with text heavy literature projects to create warm and inviting reads. Logo creation for small companies or those going through dramatic shifts has been a wonderful challenge. And product logo development for manufacturers has also lead to great outcomes.

He is applying new knowledge which grows every month in the area of motion graphics and look forward to projects in this area. He has enjoyed the challenge of telling a story in this medium. To see an example of this, view his graphic animation titled "pitch and catch" in the "Motion Graphics" page of my portfolio on this website.
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