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Rebekkah D
Designer #52305
Joined 10/5/2020
4 Star Rating
2,827 Projects
Rebekkah has a passion for designing beautiful marketing pieces, which grew into a full-time freelance career in the Spring of 2014. Prior to that she did graphic design work part-time since 1997. She works with clients around the U.S. in a variety of industries, each with unique needs and requirements. She is a full-service provider of both printed and digital media, who can layout a beautiful design to be printed on paper and convert it to a digital piece just as worthy.

She designs beautiful and professional marketing/branding pieces including: Newsletters, info-graphics, digital/social media ads and banners, brochures, blog posting & creation, websites and website assets, logos, displays and signage - and pretty much any other kind of visual message.

She specializes in books, magazines, newsletters and other long-form document layout. She has worked with many authors and publishers to get their work prepared and on sale both in print and digitally.

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