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14,297 Projects
Creativity, a sacred word often misconstrued,
misinterpreted, misunderstood but regarded the most
vital part of our communication system.

Possessing over seventeen years of experience in his corner
of creative conceptualizing and art direction, he bring to the
pallet, a keen insight into creative masterpieces by been able to cater to a clients specific requirement and execute it as required.
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Graphic Designer


Craig can handle everything from online digital content to offline print and outdoor branding content.

Such as :
Logo design
Brand guideline
Visual service guidelines
Product packaging
Company profiles
Annual reports
Banner Design
Digital content
GIF animation
Storyboard layouts
Exhibition stall design


Craig have many interests but the key one been soaking up knowledge to help him with his craft. He spends much of his time reading up on new advertising and designing methods as well as trying his best to stay up to date on brands and current trends in the shifting markets.


St. Peter's College

I always excelled in my studies and was even a part of the School Karate Team with me been Awarded the President of the School Karate Association.


315 Projects Completed

Electronics is a category he loves working on just because of the diverse level products available and the number of ideas Craig can put forward. He has worked on many different brand and products from televisions, to computers, mobile phone, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, ovens, washing machines and so much more. He loved the experience and knowledge he gained in this area of branding.


215 Projects Completed

He has worked with many different food brands from frozen products to restaurants and fast food chains and during which he has handled everything from Menu Designs to Signage and Digital Content, A few clients he has handled are Queen's Cafe and Restaurant, KFC and TGIF to name a few.


172 Projects Completed

Craig has handled many projects in the banking sector from campaign on mobile banking to special credit card offers which included photography direction, post production and the overall coordination and installation of billboards as well.

He has handled digital media for clients such as American Express and HSBC as well.


57 Projects Completed

With regards to the hospitality industry Craig has worked on many different projects ranging from small inns to hotels. He has worked both on digital and print media platform performing around tight deadlines with regards to special offers and even involved himself in many event related branding activities.


38 Projects Completed

He has worked on quite a few agriculture related work from branding new products to awareness campaigns for farmers and SME as well. This experience has involved packaging designs, logo designs, photography, brochure and other educational print work and digital and website related designing as well. It involved him having to work around the clock on very tight dead lines and had him doing a lot of research in to agriculture related practices.


4,000 Projects Completed

This is one of the areas that Craig has the most experience in. He has created many logos in his career from sports teams to large corporate businesses. He has created logos that are brand specific and go from one color to full color and from font based to purely symbolic. The type of logo a client would need will depend on the requirement. Most of the time Companies would like to stick to Font Based identity where as brands will like to have their identity tied up to symbols or characters.


2,000 Projects Completed

In his total experience he has created many online and print media related advertisements. In print media these advertisements have varied from single color to full color in various sizes too. His online experience with advertisements go from static to more interactive animated advertisements.


1,500 Projects Completed

In his career he has created many different types of brochures from informational to product based and educational ones too. Sizes of brochures can vary and go from a single fold to 2 fold as well it is important to know which kind of brochure to match with the content that is required.

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1,000 Projects Completed

In Craig's total experience he has created many web and printed banners. In print media these banners have always been large size scale in various sizes too. His online experience with web banners go from static to more interactive animated advertisements related to GDN and in-site banners too.

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