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Joined 10/3/2020
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Mario V. is 2D artist situated in Split, Croatia. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Split, as Art professor. He has been working as dtp graphic designer, 2D game artist, UI designer, illustrator and animator for 15 years. He also do paintings and draw comics.
He's interested in all kinds of visual work which imply creativity and

• Art Professor degree at Fine Arts University of Split

• Graphic designer at Digital studio Akvarij
• 2D artist, UX/UI, animator at gaming company HolosOne
• 2D animator and illustrator at Lemonade 3D studio
• Illustrator and graphic designer at City of Split puppet theatre
• Game artist and illustrator at gaming companies Exordium Games, Ignis Studios, Fajlworks, Ocean media and Luandun Games
• dozens of jobs as a freelancer, including storyboards, comics,
caricatures, book covers and illustrations, logos, UX/UI design..
Illustration: Digital