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Morgan W
Designer #52137
Joined 10/1/2020
4 Star Rating
554 Projects
Morgan has worked on a variety of long-term projects for established and emerging authors. Recently, she designed the cast of characters for an unpublished sci-fi novel, conceptualizing eleven in total. As part of the same project, she designed two settings (both interior) and made storyboards and a finished comic for a requested scene.

She is currently inking and coloring a full-length superhero comic, and have completed over 120 pages of line art. 80 are ready for release after a year of work as the only artist. The project has included character design, storyboards, and environmental design of a metropolis.

She has also completed two children's book mock-ups, one in a modern setting and the other in a medieval period. She used hard pastels and colored pencils for finished pages, and each book is around 32 pages long.
Illustration: Digital
Illustration: Hand Drawn
Graphic Designer