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Works primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Has worked for a year as an advertisement designer, and worked off and on as a logo designer for freelance. Primary experience is print advertising -- Working in CMYK color spaces and designing ads to print for a a newspaper.
Have also done photo retouching for the newspaper, including minor blemish removal and lightening for printing.
Graphic Designer


Trying to be as broad and as flexible a designer as possible. Specialities include illustrative work, advertisements for web and for print, logo development, and photo retouching.


Interests include fashion, food, agriculture, living, health & wellness, travel, and anything that can present a unique design or stylization challenge!


Ashland University

Graduated with a 3.6 GPA and a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Art. Concentrated in Graphic Design, and in addition had a minor degree in Marketing.


50 Projects Completed

Created promotional material for various companies while at the Mount Vernon News, for anything from shoes and all the way to food. For some clients, they needed a brand image built from the ground up, and for others, it was creating a new look in the image they had already built. All material had to be created in the size restrains for the newspaper, which is done in column widths and inches.


40 Projects Completed

Primarily for the Mount Vernon News, and mainly for Holmes Rental Sales and Service of Mount Vernon, Ohio. This included creating half and quarter page ads for print publication from the brand material provided by the manufacturer. Advertisements included Yanmar, Toro, Cub Cadet, and Sno-Way. Each manufacturer had their own brand image, and thus needed to be distinct, and adhere to the brand guidelines.
Other agriculture advertisements have included hunting shops and general stores.


50 Projects Completed

Created a variety of print advertisements for the Mount Vernon News from July 2019 to the present day. Some advertisements were as simple as updating new information, and others needed a new brand image created from scratch. Some clients wanted to see an advertisement made before they knew they wanted to reserve a space. I've created anything from plain text to full illustrative graphics, incorporating logos, photographs, and text into one ad.

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