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Malia can write about or tweak anything. From writing concepts, classes and stories for Disney English to winning the hearts international business leaders (through a heart-centered proposal), She loves to serve her clients in the most adaptable way possible.

There is a dynamic skill to tweak content within her, to make content more lasting and impactful on the intended audience. Her skill has been used to tweak content for presentations she has given at the IRS, the Department of Economics, Medicaid , the Department of Administration and more.

Malia's experience has led her to write courses and curriculum for Disney English in Asia. Her gift of persuasion in writing started before through previous ventures and partnerships. Nailing down major catering opportunities (or at least the opportunity present samples) came through the skill of the pen and the voice of my persuasion. Her Skilled writing landed her open doors to present service options to the Dr. Phil Show, The Ellen Show, Warner Bros and more.

Much of Malia's writing experience, has been consumed with being the voice for someone else! In fact, her skill supports the voice of a new artist signed to Universal Music/In-grooves.
Graphic Designer


300 Projects Completed

Her graphic design skill has been used in corporate settings, to working with small business owners, and projects related to the entertainment industry.

The designs she create are quite versatile, and cannot be put in any particular category.


302 Projects Completed

This entails everything that she has done, such as, logos, manuals, eBooks, journals, brochures, business cards, newsletters, lesson plans, and calendars.

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