Laure J
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Laure J has built and managed all of the design work for several websites, including Classic Cars Online US, Intrinsic Vicissitude, and Stitching it Right. She also has experience making memes for Pinterest and Instagram, using either GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. The program used is chosen based on the device available when working. The Instagram channel most of the mems go to does pretty well for a page that shares nature and animal photos with quotes edited onto the images, and the page's follower count sticks right around 8,000.
Graphic Designer


Copywriting, SEO, Blogging, eBook Writing and Publishing


Laure J has a variety of interests, including classic cars, nature, and domestic pets. Most of her design work centers around nature and pets.


100 Projects Completed

While Laure J has prepared content for many fields, as well as accompanying images to make content visually appealing, she specializes in writing automotive content for websites as well as business articles and lifestyle pieces.


1,000 Projects Completed

Laure J has prepared thousands of articles and blog posts for clients since she began writing professionally in 2008. She also has written about 50 eBooks - some in her own name and some were ghost-written.

She enjoys the process of researching complex topics, and tries to make sure her written copy is always prepared in a friendly, easy-to-read voice that's appropriate for the intended audience.

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