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2 Star Level
Simple Projects
Search Optimization
Spelling and Grammar
General Knowledge
3 Star Level
Blogs and Articles
Topic Familiarity
Style Adherence
Vocabulary Depth
4 Star Level
Longer Form Content
Audience Empathy
Brand Alignment
Industry Knowledge
5 Star Level
Topic Command
Industry Knowledge
Enticing Imagery
6 Star Level
Technical Savvy
Conversion Prowess
Deeper Research
Industry Wizardry

Our star rating system.
How it works.

All our writers are assigned initial star levels based on hand-reviews, online tests, pay rate verification and more. Our algorithm then takes over, adjusting star ratings based on performance and customer reviews.

Initial stars.
Hand assigned.

All of our freelancers are hand-reviewed, tested and initially star rated based on lots of criterion that helps us pick the winners with the most experience and proven expertise.

Rising stars.
Performance driven.

Our performance algorithm kicks in with every order, tracking customer reviews and data points that we use for search results and our AI powered writer recommendations.

Falling stars.
Quality protection.

We flag and surface writers that are not performing to expectations, reviewing order ratings (Below Expecations), timely delivery, # of revision requests with in-house editorial team.

Rating reviews.
Pay rate adjustments.

We adjust the star ratings of writers based on performance, so you can be sure you pay fair rates with writers that always deliver to your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Star ratings system.

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    How is talent rated?
    Talent is ranked from 2 to 6 stars, with a corresponding price per word. Our star ratings show your level of experience, skills, and proficiency.
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    What are ratings based on?
    Ratings are based on initial screening tests, customer reviews and endorsements, and ongoing algorithmic scoring of performance on the platform.
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    What is per-word pricing?
    WriterAccess pricing is simple and transparent. Your star rating sets the per-word price you'll receive. Talent gets 70% of the order price.
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    Can talent gain or lose a star?
    Yes! Our algorithm continually scores talent wins and losses. Consistently good work is rewarded with an increase in star level, and any discrepancies have a negative impact on the star level.
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    How can I get help?
    We have an incredible community filled with talented writers who are quick to help. Check out our writer forum and join the conversation. Read the Getting Started Guide for quick tips and a rundown of the basic platform features. Reach out to the talent management team by opening a help desk ticket. We’ll point you in the right direction.
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    What's the difference between a 2-star and 6-star writer?
    6-star writers demonstrate mastery of the language and typically have deep industry experience. 2-star writers meet the minimum requirement on our screening test and have a basic grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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At WriterAccess, you can expect higher quality content when you pay more for content.

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Star Rating System

Our star ratings system removes the guesswork by screening, testing and rating writer performance.