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WriterAccess Hack #2: Get Going Fast

Lighting speed, please! If this describes your content needs, then you’re in luck. Here at WriterAccess, we have the tools in place to help you get going fast. Whether you needed your content created, like, yesterday, or you just want to streamline the process of selecting writers, this hack is for you. Learn all about two of our sparkly new methods for securing content writers in a flash.

Match Me Up

Let’s say you need someone to write a batch of blog posts for your business. You were supposed to handle this last week but between other tasks, this one slipped from your memory. Fear not! WriterAccess has the set-up to solve your problem. Here’s how the Match Me Up feature works.

Start by placing an order on your WriterAccess dashboard. Fill out a creative brief that includes details about what your business is all about. Things to include might be:

  • Industry including niche, if applicable, such as logistics services in the trucking industry
  • Links to your website, blog, and other useful examples of previous blog posts or writing styles
  • Links to blogs that you like in terms of quality of content, the voice of the writer, etc.
  • Links to resources that you want to be referenced and/or linked to in the content
  • Keywords that are required and/or optional for your content

Provide this information to give the writer everything they need to:

  • Make a decision on whether they can complete the project for you
  • Complete the project with limited revisions or requests for additional info

The goal for you is to save time by getting a writer fast. This is where the Match Me Up feature slams into action. Post the project to a writer with the Match Me Up feature activated. Our speedy algorithms quickly pair your project with a writer that best suits your request.

That writer then has one hour in which to make a decision on whether they can complete your project or prefer to pass it along. At that point, the Match Me Up system selects the next most qualified writer in the pool of talent. You luck out because the writers at WriterAccess are known for snagging up orders as fast as clients can upload them.

Topic Pitch Orders

Want another WriterAccess hack for getting content created with a quickness? If your brain isn’t working fast enough to come up with a clever new topic for your project, let us help you out of this jam. Choose the Topic Pitch feature on your next order. When you submit the project to the pool of writers, either in the form of a Crowd, Love List or Solo order, the chosen content creator will come up with at least one topic for you.

Most of the time writers submit a few topics to give you options in which to choose the best topic for your current content needs.

  • A trick here is to recognize the value other topic suggestions that you like and then submit new orders for those, too!

If a new writer is creating this content, offer any feedback on the first order so you can develop a content creating crew for your needs.

Like this hack? Want to get more of this shiny WriterAccess gold? Reach out to me, Byron White, for more useful info on how to utilize our platform.


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