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Writer Access Hack #6: How to Go for the Gold in Content Strategy

Web content is more than just written words. The content that WriterAccess talent produces will also meet your marketing goals. But what if you are a business owner or account manager who is new to this whole web marketing concept? WriterAccess is here to fill in the missing pieces. When you join WriterAccess at the Enterprise Software tier, you’ll have access to the most sought-after tools in content strategy. From developing buyer personas and to scheduling content on an editorial calendar, you get the most out of our platform to support your company’s goals.

Buyer Personas

The first goal in creating content is identifying your typical customer or buyer. This starts with buyer personas.

Most likely, you’ll need to create more than one persona. Consider all of the main types of customers that you are trying to reach. Then develop a buyer persona for each one using the WriterAccess program.

How do you do this? Contact your existing customers, if applicable, to ask them questions about your business. For example, you can inquire about their priority when working with your business. Are they interested in learning knowledge about your industry or do they want to make a purchase? What are the barriers they note when working with your company, i.e., what is holding them back from meeting their priorities? What does it take for the customer to make a decision regarding your business?

Another approach is meeting with your sales and marketing team and asking them to share the types of personas they come across on a daily basis.

Customer Journey Map

Before you place your first content order you want to have a goal in mind for your content needs. This is where a customer journey map comes in. This is how customers are going to use the content you post as they venture toward the ultimate goal, which is typically purchasing a service or product.

Customer journey maps help you point your content in the right direction. You want to be sure you’re creating the right type of content that answers the questions customers and prospects are asking during every step of their journey.

Tip: To determine if your customer journey is on point, get web design feedback. The User is Drunk is one place to hire a web designer to review your site. You can also ask your colleagues, friends or family members to work through your site to see how average users access your content.

Keyword Map

Keywords are kingpins in the content marketing world. WriterAccess provides a keyword mapping tool for Enterprise account holders. However, you’ll want to get as much traffic as possible with keywords, which requires you to go where your audience is.

Tip: Use the Topic Finder tool at WriterAccess to identify not just popular topics people are searching, but also keywords you might want to target. This can help you dive into new territory with your content.

Content Planner

Now that you’ve covered all of the preceding steps, it’s time to set up the Content Planner, which is similar to an editorial calendar. This helps you track your goals and plan your content for months on end.

You can create an editorial calendar for each of your websites by connecting your domains to WriterAccess. Avoid trying to stuff all of your content needs into one program.

Tip: Share your content with everyone on your team so they are all on the same page. Do a regular review of the calendar to refresh the team’s collaborative mindset and to aid in coming up with new and relevant topics.

Content Strategy With WriterAccess

All of these tools and tips will help you achieve content strategy gold, thanks to the support of WriterAccess. Need even more assistance? Give me a shout out, I’m Byron White by the way, the CEO of WriterAccess, and I’ll give you more insider tips on content strategy success.

Miranda B specializes in travel writing with a focus on cultural aspects including the truck driving industry, ecotourism, road trips, solo female travel, and culinary delights from every plate on earth. As a freelance writer Miranda is equally interested in all aspects of creative nonfiction, whether writing product descriptions, press releases, website content or rock-and-roll trivia questions.

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