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When Does it Make Sense to Hire Freelance Writers?

When to Hire a Freelance WriterRunning a business can feel like preparing courses for a dinner party. You know which ingredients are needed in each recipe to give it the best taste. You know the right temperature for cooking each dish. Still, it can be overwhelming to prepare everything alone. Some food could get undercooked or burned. Getting help can make it easier to make sure the whole menu lives up to your expectations.

Nowhere does this principle apply better than producing content. Sometimes it just makes sense for small business owners to hire freelance writers to get the job done. You can still manage the ingredients that go into the recipe, but then let someone else use that recipe to create a dish.

When should you bring a freelance writer aboard?

You Need Help Communicating Ideas

Writing is not a universal skill. It can take many years and tons of practice to learn how to craft words and sentences so they fully express your ideas. Small business owners with a hectic schedule can’t afford to divert the extra time away from their other duties. An experienced freelance writer can take your ideas and help you find the best way to communicate them to your audience. They will know what works and use that knowledge to make your content better.

You Are Too Close to the Topic

Outside perspectives are sometimes needed to further refine an idea. What sounds good in your head doesn’t always work on paper or in practice. It isn’t always easy to see what changes need to be made when you’re the one who came up with the idea. Hiring a freelance writer can help you find better ways to approach an idea when the original plan doesn’t work.

The stakes are too high

Getting an experienced hand always helps when the content you need can make or break your business. If you are launching a new website, for example, turning content production for the site over to an experienced freelance writer can offer peace of mind. They can help your brand make a positive first impression through engaging and informative content.

You Need Particular Expertise

Doing your own research doesn’t offer all the answers. Sometimes it helps to have someone who has traveled the same path before. A freelance writer can be a valuable resource because they often have experience in your industry. They have an understanding of what topics and keywords will draw traffic to your website and how you can make your content social media friendly.

You’re Being Pulled in Too Many Directions

No one wants to work around the clock. Having time to rest can make you more productive and give you more energy to run your business. It can also make it easier to spend time with family. Turning content production over to a freelance writer can be an effective method for balancing your schedule and let you focus your attention where it is needed the most.

John C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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