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Valuable Content Marketing with Sonja and Sharon

What content is valuable? How do you know? In this podcast, Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, content marketers and authors of Valuable Content Marketing, share their approach with WriterAccess CEO Byron White.

Sonja and Sharon work with businesses in the UK. After fielding many questions from their clients about how to create high quality content, they gathered their answers into Valuable Content Marketing. The book went on to become an award-winning bestseller and is now in its second edition.

Sharon and Sonja say that valuable content is the content that your audience finds helpful, entertaining, relevant and timely. “It’s content that’s useful for your business and useful for your clients. It’s that sweet spot we are looking for,” said Sharon.

The pair specialize in creating content that draws in customers by giving them what they need. They say that the best content is full of ideas so good you almost want to keep them to yourself. “That’s a good test of whether your readers are going to like it or not: If it hurts a little bit when you give it away, then it’s definitely going to hit home with the people who read it,” Sonja said.

In this episode, the authors share what they’ve learned about creating high quality, effective content, including:

  • How the role of content creator has changed.
  • What our most important obligation is to our readers.
  • How to discover the style and voice that fits each client.
  • Why passion is a critical component of good content writing and how to find passion for any topic.

In this and other WriterAccess Podcast episodes, we interview industry experts about the best in content marketing. Tune in on our website or subscribe on iTunes.

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