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Using Pinterest as a Search Engine


With all of the discussion of Google’s ups and downs, it is easy to forget that Google isn’t the only search engine available for use. In fact, one of the more recent developments online is that either through frustration with Google or a preference for visual imagery, alternative search engines have sprung into being. One of those is Pinterest.

Pinterest Image Collection

Pinterest began as a way of collecting ideas and images you wanted to keep in mind for a project or event, such as a holiday party, new home, or wedding. At first, it was considered to be a fluff site, filled with recipes and the like — not a serious business opportunity or benefit. However, Pinterest has advanced since its inception. Besides the incredible growth of membership, Pinterest has upgraded its capabilities including the ability to search.

Pinterest Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, searching via hashtags has been a feature on Pinterest for a while. However, recent improvements give users the ability to input search terms in the search bar without the hashtag. Pinterest will pick up both hashtags and non-hashtagged terms in the titles and descriptions of pins. Additionally, Pinterest has a very easy-to-navigate menu that will further break down a topic into smaller sub-topics with clickable links.

Using Pinterest Search

An example of this feature can be seen when you search for the term “Christmas.” The site immediately gives you a page of pins and a list of other sub-topics such as ideas, DIY, gifts, dress, crafts, cookies, food, party, cards, ornaments, decorating, traditions, and more. The search feature is displayed with colorful buttons, keeping with Pinterest’s visual nature.

Having Fun

Searching Pinterest is a lot of fun. If you are interested in any of the categories that attract pinners, you will enjoy searching. It is always fun to see what comes up and  new goodies show up constantly. Search is also very focused, unlike what you might find using Google. You can further narrow the search by adding terms or choosing between pins, boards, or pinners. You can even search your own pins.

It is actually so much fun to search on Pinterest that it can be addicting. While writing this article, I found a very cool recipe for Spiral Sugar Cookies from Pip and Ebby. Yep, I will definitely need to make those! The pin takes me to the website which has further pictures and instructions. A great find!

Writing Tips and Prompts

Pinterest can also be used to search for popular topics to write about. It is one of the best content writing tools for following trends in the entertainment, food, or fashion industries. You can still use the site for collecting your own list of ideas for writing projects, and there are a lot of good writing references from a wide variety of sources. Pinners tend to come from the creative, innovative segment of society which includes writers, artists, and do-it-yourselfers. This demographic means that you will find results on most creative endeavors if you search Pinterest.

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