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Top 10 Tips For Using Writers and Editors

How Writers and Editors Can Assist Your SMBFortune 500 companies use business writers and editors regularly because they help the company communicate more effectively with the public, prospective clients and employees. Effective communication often improves the company’s image and can, consequently, increase profits.

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often don’t hire freelance writers and editors because they don’t see their value, but there are innumerable ways that they can be used. Below are 10 tips for using writers and editors.

1. BUSINESS PLANS: Most SMBs need a loan for a major project. Persuading a banker that your investment will produce profits could be easier if your written and oral presentation is understandable. You should write your planned oral presentation and ask an editor for advice.

2. JOINT VENTURES: Perhaps, your SMB doesn’t have enough money to invest in a major project, but a joint venture with another company is more feasible. A business writer can formulate your letter to the prospective partner, or you could write the plan and ask a business editor to improve it.

3. PUBLIC PROFILE: In the old days of the ’80s, companies often had to decide whether brochures could reach enough people to make the investment worthwhile. Today, you essentially put your company brochure on a web site and people can see it 365 days per year. Your profile should, at minimum, be looked at by a professional editor before it’s seen by the public.

4. NEWS ITEMS: How many people see your website is often determined by how high it ranks on search engine results. Search engines such as Google have a complicated algorithm that rewards websites that are updated regularly. Consequently, the website should include a blog that includes company news. A business writer is skilled at generating news ideas and writing the news items.

5. EXPERT ADVICE: Similarly, your SMB can enhance its credibility if it positions itself as an expert on what it does. A construction company, for example, can offer tips on when to repair a home. Writers and editors can make these tips reader-friendly.

6. PRESS RELEASES: Writers and editors can formulate press releases for your website and submit them to publications. Prospective customers can learn about your company in these publications. Search engines tend to reward companies that are mentioned in objective publications.

7. SPEECHES: You can also enhance your profile by making speeches at local businesses. Chambers of Commerce are always looking for speakers. Heck, I made Chamber of Commerce speeches. Business writers can craft letters that get you on the agenda and then craft memorable speeches.

8. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: How often have you heard that a problem with an employee was a communication problem? Business writers and editors can help you formulate written guides on company rules, expectations, etc.

9. PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS: The next time that I read an understandable description of how to use a product will be the first time. Trust me, lots of SMBs need editors to convert product instructions into English (and Spanish).

10. FOCUS: When you’re not writing and editing, you’re focusing on what you do best.

Martin Z is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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