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Time to Evolve (Beyond Your Website): Build Your Online Authority

Let’s say you suddenly experienced a minor physical discomfort. You would probably want to know how to relieve this uncomfortable feeling, how long it might last, and even if you should contact a doctor. Like many people these days, you could begin looking for answers by searching online. Your query will probably uncover a variety of resources. Think about which ones you would trust to provide you with credible answers.

Similarly, your own business offers solutions for customers. You, your website, and your brand need to have the authority to gain trust. In any competitive market, establishing authority can help customers choose your solution over your competitor’s. Google also considers authority a major ranking factor, so the better you do, the better chance you have of getting potential customers to find you in the first place. If your website isn’t producing the results you had hoped for, perhaps you’ve missed some chanced to develop your online authority.

Simple Tips to Grow Your Online Authority

Naturally, your own website can provide the basic building block to establish your brand’s credibility. To gain the trust and attention of both search engines and humans, you will probably need to reach beyond your site. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to improve the way both people and search engine algorithms view you, your business, and your brand.

Network With Influencers and Your General Audience

Does your online business platform extend beyond your site to such social media platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube? If so, you might have enjoyed some benefits by just syndicating content and moving on. Still, you will obviously maximize your results on any social network by spending some time socializing:

  •  Your helpful and positive comments on other people’s popular, relevant content can help gain the attention of influencers and their audience.
  • If your audience happens to make a positive comment or ask a question on your posts, you should take advantage of the chance to build your brand by replying.

Guest Post in Industry or Major Publications

You can use general social sites to attract a targeted audience and help you build authority. On the other hand, major and industry publications already command those things, so why pass up the opportunity?

For example:

  • You could use your existing content to gain enough credibility to get pitches accepted at industry sites and journals.
  • You can also look for targeted publications and groups on sites like LinkedIn and Medium.
  • Don’t overlook the power of press releases as a way to develop authority and attract attention.

Work Offline Sometimes

Offline activity often leads to online attention. You might offer to share information at a local event or sponsor a booth at an industry convention. Typically, the organizers will mention supporters on their own platforms. Naturally, you could also use these events as newsworthy items for your own social media, website, and press releases. In these ways, offline effort can help build online authority.

Develop Great Content

The previous suggestions focused upon ways to develop authority from around the internet and even offline. That kind of offsite SEO work will help you grow authority and beat competitors. Still, your baseline authority stems from the useful content you post on your own internet platform.

If you’re not ranking or converting online as well as you hope to, compare the content that you produce to that of your competitors. Put yourself at the keyboard of a typical internet user to understand what you might do better to establish yourself as a trusted authority. Do this both for the content that you post on your own website and social media and the content you intend to syndicate around the web.

We Build Authority for Our Customers

Building your authority can help you improve your website rankings and your conversion rates. At the same time, producing all of that content takes effort and skill. Here at WriterAccess, our industry-expert writers and content strategists know how to appeal to both your audience and search engines. Start developing your authoritative brand the content-marketing way today.



Marilyn K WriterAccessMarilyn K started developing and ranking authoritative websites back in the days when she needed to code each page by hand. She’s never stopped learning and crafts content with her intended audience and search engines in mind. Clients call upon Marilyn to engage audiences that range from direct customers to executives. With a business degree in statistics and information systems from The University of Texas and hands-on experience in IT, finance, insurance, and marketing, a diverse set of clients consider Marilyn a reliable and versatile member of their content team.

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