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Thursday Trends Valentine’s Day Edition

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

This extra sweet Thursday Trends has got nothing but love for content marketing.

Learn how to unclutter your digital strategy to spark joy, why 50 of the hottest blogs get so much audience love, and the magic that created the most heartwarming Super Bowl ads. Plus, get a jump on the top content marketing trends for 2020.

Happy Valentine’s Day, content marketers!

What’s a Week Without Marie Kondo? 

How to “Marie Kondo” Your Digital Marketing Strategy via ClickZ
Did you know that your digital marketing strategy needs to spark joy, too? And the KonMari method is just what marketers need to create a focused approach that cuts through the information clutter. In this piece, ClickZ offers a valuable approach to tidying up your marketing and content like you would your closet. Learn how to create a pile, declutter your strategy and content, and the most critical factor for deciding what to keep. This inspirational read will unearth the delight in your content and digital marketing strategy.


5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020 via Martech Advisor
Now that you’re working on the 2019 content marketing trends, no doubt you’re dying to prep for the 2020 trends. Thankfully, Martech Advisor didn’t waste any time publishing an early list of the pivotal content marketing trends that will remain steady and grow throughout this year and into the next.

In this article, find out precisely how live video, long-tail keywords, augmented and virtual reality, interactive marketing, and content experience will be critical to successful content marketing heading into next year.

The. Best. Blogs. Ever.

Here’s What We Learned From 50 of the Most Popular Blogs via Content Marketing Institute
Over 4 million new blog posts are being published each day. So how can your brand stay afloat when everyone’s drowning in content? Well, CMI’s got 50 brilliant blogs to skyrocket your strategy.

This superb guide by Content Marketing Institute includes ten key strategies that 50 of the hottest blogs use to get traffic and create continuous engagement, including screenshots of the perfect examples. Learn how blog page design, the latest news, sub-niches, tags, categorization, and comments generate more interest and engagement for long-term success.

A list of all 50 referenced blogs, in a wide variety of niches, are included for your content inspiration.

The Super Bowl is Still Hot

What Marketers Can Learn From The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time via Writer Access
Remember the boy dressed as Darth Vader that started his dad’s Volkswagen with the Force? Wouldn’t it be awesome to tap into the marketing mojo that created that commercial and the most unforgettable Super Bowl ads of all time?

Then you’ll enjoy this lineup brought to you by Writer Access of the most remarkable Super Bowl ads that aired between 1979 and 2013. This article takes you way back to the famous commercials that made us all laugh, cry, grow, love, and brilliantly points out exactly why they were hits.

Infusing your marketing efforts with just a little of the magic from these genius commercials will create a powerful connection with your audience. And make your brand just as memorable, too.


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