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Thursday Trends 8/8/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

This week’s content marketing news was all about delivering high quality content, making the most of your content marketing time, and dazzling your audience with highly entertaining content. Take a look to get started, get gussied up, and get your brand out there.

If You’re Just Getting Started, Start Here

How to Develop a Content Strategy in 10 Easy Steps via WriterAccess

Content marketing isn’t something that’ll be effective if you just get your toes wet; to make a splash, you’ve got to dive in head-first. Diving in, however, doesn’t mean starting profiles on all the social media platforms, writing blog posts like a crazy person, and blasting your contacts with emails like a confetti canon. Content marketing works best, and is really only worth the time and effort, when you have a plan.

Take a day and make some meaningful progress by working your way through these 10 simple steps to developing and documenting a content strategy, as outlined in a recent article from WriterAccess. With a smart strategy in place, you can do less for a bigger return.

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Go Ahead and Buy the Phone with the Fancy Camera

Videos Are Becoming a Vital Part of the Social Media Marketing Industry via Digital Information World

Now you have a great excuse to get the smartphone with the awesome camera feature — you need it to make videos for your social media marketing campaigns.

This recent article from Digital Information World explains how networking on social media is all about entertaining your audience — whether you’re hoping to become an influencer with a super popular personal profile or expand your brand’s audience with brand profiles. There’s no better way to entertain than with video media. Get your camera, take the director’s chair, and say “Action!”

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Take a Trip to the Land of Successful Video Media

3 Trails of Successful Social Media Video Marketing Efforts in 2019 via Skyword Content Standard

So, you know you should be entertaining your social media audience with videos. Now, you have to figure out how to make good ones that people actually want to watch. This recipe is part share-ability, part quality, and part understanding the difference between embedded and native videos.

According to this article from Content Standard, that’s the key point: people need to watch your videos and feel compelled to share them in order for video media to work. Take a look at the full article for simple tips and some great advice on making videos that at least stand a chance of going viral.

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Is Anyone Still Reading Their Emails?

How to Get More Value from Your Email Marketing Tech via Content Marketing Institute

Sure, emails have become the grandparents of the content marketing world, but they haven’t lost their vitality yet. Creating an email marketing campaign’s still well worth your time, efforts, and creative juices. To make email marketing work for you, you have to make sure you’re doing a few things right.

This article from Content Marketing Institute provides some timely advice on using emails in the post-AOL (post-a million subsequent iterations of the inbox) world. The article goes beyond clever subject lines to discuss high-tech email, how to set goals for email marketing, measure insights, and how to make good use of the information.

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How to Tell When Your Content’s Written in Fine Print

10 Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content via Search Engine Journal

It shouldn’t feel like work for your audience to get to know your brand. To make it easy, your content’s got to be readable and accessible. But how can you tell if your bold headlines, bullet points, and subheadings aren’t enough?

Search Engine Journal to the rescue! This article lists 10 tools that you can use to easily measure and test the readability of your content. From screening for laborious words and complicated sentence structure to word count, grammar, and even SEO strength, these tools will help you test screen and improve your content before publication.

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