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Thursday Trends 5/2/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Whether you’re failing to meet your marketing goals, searching for ever-elusive clicks, struggling to differentiate your content with video, or looking for fresh ideas, this edition of Thursday Trends has the content marketing news to help you save your content strategy. Move your content marketing to the top by crafting better CTAs and devising stronger strategies. Also, simplify video content creation and get inspired with these must-read marketing books of 2019.

Ah, the Elusive Click. Watch as Marketers Attempt to Attract Clicks with Calls to Action

Can’t Get That Click? 5 Simple Strategies for CTAs That Convert [Examples] via Content Marketing Institute

“Check out our new product line!” “Click to learn more!” “Get notified of future sales — subscribe today!” If you’re a marketer or if you’ve ever read or watched a piece of content marketing, then you know a call to action (CTA) when you see one. As a marketer, the trick is determining why viewers or readers respond to CTAs and why they sometimes choose to ignore them, instead.

This article from Content Marketing Institute looks closely at why some CTAs work and others don’t to help you create effective call to action statements that draw readers in and take them where they want to go. This helpful article provides both advice and real-world examples that you can apply to your own CTAs to make them almost as attractive as a bird of paradise’s feathers.

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Get Meta with an Article Recommending an Article Recommending Books

5 Best Content Marketing Books to Delight and Inspire You in 2019 via WriterAccess

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection can get in on the content marketing game. Simply showing up is no longer enough. You must also differentiate your content and optimize it to gain traction in a marketing world saturated with content.

This article from WriterAccess recommends five content marketing books that are worth the time a full-length read requires. These entertaining books provide fresh concepts and innovative ideas to arm your content strategy with knowledge, while helping you and your content marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd.

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It Doesn’t Count as a Strategy, If It’s Not Written Down

Quick Guide: Defining & Documenting Content Marketing Goals via Business 2 Community

Many marketing departments fail to make the time to actually sketch out and document a content marketing strategy. It’s possible they skip over this vital step because overarching content marketing goals typically align with a business’s broad goals, such as gaining market share, boosting sales, and increasing revenue. If goals are obvious, why bother writing them down? Content marketing goals should specifically outline the means by which these efforts are intended to help a business achieve broader goals.

This article from Business 2 Community explains why it’s essential to document your content marketing goals by using a “SMART” system with goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Take a moment to browse through the complete article to learn how to work backwards from your big-picture business goals to develop an effective, documented content strategy.

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Video Is the Latest Trend in Content Marketing and AI’s Already Making It Easier

Can AI Earn a Starring Role in Marketers’ Video Strategies? via Marketing Dive

Content marketers have recognized the important role video plays in content marketing, helping your content stand out from the competition by entertaining and educating your audience in a short amount of time. Creating high quality, visually appealing video content, however, is easier said than done. Clean, professional-looking video content requires a whole team of editors: graphics and effects editors, sound editors, color editors, finishing editors, and more. Likely your company can’t afford to add all of these highly trained professionals to your marketing team.

Rest easy, this article from Marketing Dive explains how artificial intelligence is already playing a vital role in video content, streamlining the process of creating professional-caliber videos for your digital media channels. Take a look at the full article to find out what software is already available, and what’s currently in the works.

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