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Thursday Trends 10/10/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

If your content platform were a hotel, would your guests feel compelled to check the mattresses for bugs? Is it possible to be better than number one? Can you really believe everything you hear about how content marketing’s changing? How can you get off the content marketing wheel, when you’re literally in a figurative rat race? In this edition of Thursday Trends, we’re asking a lot of questions about content — and getting answers.

Take a Content Lesson from Airbnb: Make Sure Accommodations Match the Destination

5 Techniques to Build a Better Content Platform via Content Marketing Institute

All the social media platforms are what they are. While you might have a profile photo or cover photo that you can customize, you really don’t have much control over anything else regarding how your content appears. You’re always going to be stuck working within the confines of the platform — unless you create your own. Your own platform on your private website or blog can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Just promise us, it will never be described as “janky.”

In this recent article from Content Marketing Institute, the author compares a poor platform experience to that of staying in a not-so-great hotel in a picturesque location. In other words, it’s highly disappointing and ruins the experience overall. So, take a page (or all five) from his book and build a better platform for your content.

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We’re Better Than Number One! We’re Better Than Number One!

How to Rank Above Position #1 with Google’s Featured Snippets via WriterAccess

Giving 100% just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. You’ve got to do better. You need to give more than everything — 150%! *eye roll* Is that even possible?

This article from WriterAccess is here to explain how you can break down all the barriers and be better than number one. That’s right! This Google ranking is so good it doesn’t even have a number. Take a look at the article to find out how you can get your page listed at the tippy-top, above the top-ranking website.

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Don’t Let a Grain of Truth Block Your Way!

Are These 5 Content Marketing Myths Holding You Back? via Marketing Land

Do you let Bigfoot stop you from camping? Would you let Loch Ness prevent you from touring Scottland? Of course not! So, why let a few myths stop you from content marketing to your heart’s content? Sure, many myths have some truth to them, but it’s important to recognize the difference between some truth and the whole truth.

Content marketing’s ever-evolving, but that’s no reason to abandon your current practices. This article from Marketing Land puts some on-trend content marketing myths to bed with succinct explanations of why you shouldn’t listen and what you should continue doing anyway.

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Content Can Feel Like a Sisyphean Struggle, but Don’t Give Up!

Six Tips for Businesses to Leverage Content Marketing for B2B Sales via Forbes

Another day, another blog post… If your content marketing responsibilities are starting to feel redundant, then odds are you’re not getting anywhere with your strategy.

If, when you run through the hamster wheel of your business’s content strategy, you’ve ever felt like you’re chasing your tail, getting nowhere and going nowhere, you’re not alone. This article from Forbes, however, is here to tell you to keep spinning and to put these six steps into practice to make sure you gain some ground!

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