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The Couture Snowball Effect

Snowball CoutureFashion moves the world. Even something as small as nail polish has been cited by Forbes as being, surprisingly, an indicator of overall economic health. Both clothing manufacturers and accessory designers have enjoyed meteoric rises among their ranks when a certain frock or pendant catches a celebrity’s eye. Even without a direct nod, the appearance of an interesting fashion piece on a TV show or movie can send buyers into a frenzy to find it and snag it for their own collections. These small, seemingly inconsequential cameos can turn a small fashion company into a full-blown trend, which is proof that getting the word out through freelance fashion writers is a smart marketing move. Are you missing an opportunity by overlooking the state of your fashion company’s marketing copy? It’s time to hit the runway with a hot new look, courtesy of fresh words, descriptions and engaging website copy.

With the right storytelling and the proper venue, giving your product line the copywriting treatment will direct customers’ eyes where you want them to go, and give them the impressions you’d like them to take away. A smartly-told back story or a paragraph that “sets the scene” for the feel of your product will draw the reader in and make them realize they really do need what you’re offering.

Focus on Fashion, Not Writing

Trying to produce writing and fashion clothing or accessories can lead to a lot of snags. Your artistic vision can be compromised as you struggle to match your own copy, and design time might get sacrificed while you’re struggling through a paragraph. Freelance fashion writers are trained to work with your guidance and ideas, as well as research your existing product lines and collections to properly understand their “feel” and translate it to words. This will allow you to concentrate on what you love and continue your artistic vision without the hassle of designing marketing as well.

Cohesive Elements

A pop of color, a distinct pattern or monogram—it’s small details that pull an outfit or collection together. Copy works in much the same way, treating your audience to a narrative that winds subtly throughout each piece you create. Trying something new? No problem: even bold off-the-page deviations can be easily tied into more modest designs with the right consistency in your copy—a skill your freelance writer has the experience to provide. Even if you’re re-inventing a line already on display, a total copy overhaul can shift buyer perceptions and realign your brand in an exciting new direction.

When you’re inventing a dress that will wow the critics and fly off the shelves, the words behind it may not be the first thing on your mind. However, much like reinforced stitching lends strength and longevity to designer fabrics, copy extends the interest, excitement and forward momentum of your most beautiful fashion inventions. Hire a freelance fashion writer today and discover the “little secret” that the most well-known brands on the catwalk have been relying on for years.

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