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The Cheese Stands Alone: But He Doesn’t Have To

Content marketing is still considered by many to be an infant industry. This means that you cannot major in “content marketing” at most major colleges and the folks who are successful in this industry are largely self-taught at this point. Many content marketers take this information and think that means they must struggle and stumble through on their own to move forward and meet their content marketing calendar each month. This is not the case, though.

As this industry has grown so has the desire of more experienced content marketers to reach out and help educate newbies. However, you have to know where to look for training. A lot of your training will come through old fashioned self education, but more organized attempts at content marketing training are being developed. Content marketers who are committed to the industry or committed to marketing themselves would do well to take advantage of some of these services.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the more organized methods of actual, systematic content marketing training. CMI offers an online training program which takes students through a step by step content marketing curriculum which upon completion offers content marketing certification. This is a premier program that is making the effort to standardize content marketing educational efforts. There is no set time frame in which students must complete lessons which is perfect for the working content marketer.

This program does charge a tuition fee because CMI is offering a unique service, and that is an organized systematic educational approach to the entire content marketing industry.

Online Marketing Institute

A similar program is the Content Marketing Certification offered by Online Marketing Institute. The biggest difference between the two programs is that OMI’s program is set up much more like a college course, which many users find familiar and easy to navigate as there are required courses and then course electives for individual tracks.

Traditional Degrees

Although still in its infancy, some schools are beginning to catch on to the demand for regular course work in online marketing. Many online universities are offering “Online Marketing Bachelor’s Degrees” through their online programs. For those who are willing to make the time and financial investment in a regular Bachelor’s Degree these new programs could not only increase your current productivity as a content marketer but possibly open new doors in the future for better positions in the marketing industry.

Traditional schools and universities offer some content marketing classes usually as part of traditional marketing or advertising majors. Of course for the working content marketer, this can be a bit out of reach. For those who hold advertising or marketing degrees earned before online content became so necessary the more tightly focused programs through Content Marketing Institute is a much more convenient approach. These individuals can simply add to what they already have learned about the marketing industry in the large scope.

Webinars or Bite Size Education

If you do not feel ready for the commitment of a marketing degree or even an online marketing certification, then there is always the webinar option which gives you bite size classes on content marketing when you need it. Simple internet searches for “content marketing webinars” will turn up great options for fast paced, single topic learning.

Sarah R is a full time writer and full time homeschooler of four. She would like to be a part time lazy person one day.

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