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The Business of Information

informationMany freelance writers specialize in a specific topic in order to build a clientele that pays well for highly researched articles, white papers and more. The topic of business is broad and encompasses an array of industry sectors for which to write; however finding current data on each segment and their sub-sectors is straightforward and readily available. For content writer jobs that target business and need trustworthy data, these resources are invaluable.

To start, the U.S. government maintains deep resources on businesses and topics that range from regulations and laws that impact those industries, industry-specific statistics and industry data and analysis. These agencies include the Small Business Administration and US Data and Statistics. The information is readily available online and free.

Industry associations also provide a wealth of current information on trades, professionals and industries across an array of business segments. From professional pursuits to personal avocations, industry associations offer access to resources and data for members and many times for non-members.

Morningstar offers raw data by industry and sector on individual companies as well as comparative information on competitors. For instance, the site offers key benchmarks such as market capitalization, price-to-earnings stock ratios, compound annual growth rates, dividend yields and other key financials by industry, segment, sector and company.

Edgar Online offers data derived from Securities and Exchange Commission required filings and similar disclosure documents for publicly held organizations, mutual funds, equities and other publicly traded assets.

Hoover’s is the world’s largest database of industry data that covers over 58 million companies across over 900 industry segments. Their database offers current information on financials, key competitors and executives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps raw data on every type of job in the United States with data on job descriptions, salary levels and educational requirements.

The World Bank maintains a database with a wide array of information on economics, countries, development, emerging markets, poverty, healthcare and education accessibility as well as many in-depth issues that impact economic development by industry and country.

Finally, many business-oriented newspapers and magazines maintain research and analysis available online. These resources include The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes and USA Today.

Finding the data is quite easy, and many executives need articles and white papers written for them with solid research and verifiable sources. Moreover, executives and government officials from other countries need American writers to produce high-quality research papers. With the availability of raw, verifiable data available today, freelance writers who specialize in business issues are in high demand.



wendy hWendy H has always been a data junkie, and now she puts her hobby to productive use writing on in-depth business topics.


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