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Providing Your Writers with Enough Information to Create Accurate Copy

Brochure Writing ServicesPictures improve the potential to turn browser into buyers when you are selling products and services. Unfortunately, whether you use paper copy or web content, you may not always have room for the pictures you need. The right words can create pictures in the mind of the reader. When you use brochure writing services, you must provide the writer with enough information to create detailed imagery.

Providing the Information

Do not expect a writer to dazzle you, and your market, with a flowing description if you send one 50 by 50 pixel picture. The writer may be able to resize it, but then it will be a blurry mess. If it is a blur to begin with, fix it before you send it. Most operating systems include a photo editor. Photobucket includes one that is easy to use and free.

You should consider that one picture might not be enough to describe your product. You will want to include more information. Choose the traits that make your product unique, specifics that make buyers line up for more. Do not overdo it; highlight what is important. Consider these examples:

  • We sell quality homemade candies. You will love our rainbow lollipops and fudge.
  • We only sell fresh candies, made right here on the premises. All of our ingredients are the finest available to ensure the quality you expect. Our rainbow lollipops are five inches in diameter and a full ¼-inch thick. The swirls of yellow, red, green and blue create a taste sensation. You will delight in the lemon, cherry, watermelon and blueberry flavors in a long lasting candy experience.

Even if the reader does not like lollipops, you have sold them into trying your candy. Give the information to your writer and they will create your picture. Better yet, give them a few candy samples.

Travel Location Tips

Vacation packages, cruise destinations and travel specials are common brochure topics. You have only so much space to draw the reader in and get them to call or request more information. You want your prospects to feel the light, warm breeze caress them as they notice the hint of salt water in the air.

You need to provide your writer with enough information to create sensory wording. You also want to make sure that you are specific on your destination. Writers often do considerable research. If there are three destinations with the same name, your buyers may be traveling with a competitor.

Product Information

Researching a product is not difficult when the information is available online. If it is not, you must provide it. If you are selling furniture, the writer cannot tell the length, width and height from just your photo. Now matter how magnificent your writers are, none of them is likely named Chris Angel. He can read your mind, the writer cannot.

Keep these tips in mind when you use product description or brochure writing services. Provide your writer with enough information or resources and the writer can make the words on your page come alive.

Barbara B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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