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Improve Your Environment to Improve Your Productivity

WorkspaceVery few of us can agree on what productivity means. Is it writing faster? Creating more copy? Working more efficiently? We may not agree on the definition, but there’s one thing we all agree on: whatever productivity is, we all want more of it. You can download all the apps you want and make every schedule change in the world, but if your writing environment isn’t right, you’ll never get the optimum amount of work done.

Writing for website content services requires a full-time commitment if you want a full-time income. Imagine doing any other full-time job without the right tools. And yes, your writing environment is an important tool you use every day. It determines how well you work, how long you can work and how eager you are to get back to work each day. Attitude is half the battle with a successful writing career, and creating a comfortable work space is an essential step toward getting into your writing happy place.

  • Entire books have been written about the psychology of color, but one thing we do know is that black is a depressing color. If you’re working on a black desk, paint it, color it with paint pens, cover it in wallpaper or decoupage a great fabric onto it. Give your desk some visual interest.
  • A door can free your mind. Set up your office in a separate spot, if at all possible. It may seem isolating, working in a corner of the bedroom when the rest of the family is in the living room having fun, but that’s the key. You’re working, and they’re not. Placing yourself away from even minor distractions can help you to concentrate on your work.
  • A messy desk is not the sign of a creative mind. You can tell yourself this all day, but it’s just an excuse. Clean your desk off at the end of every work day. Put your coffee cup in the kitchen and toss out all the spare scraps of paper you’ve accumulated.
  • Noise affects different people in a host of different ways. Some of us have to work to music, others can’t concentrate with any background noise. Optimize your work space to mesh with the way your ears and brain work. Set up speakers next to the computer if you have to listen to music or television in the background. It may be impossible to keep everyone around you quiet, but a pair of earbuds and a website that features thunderstorms and other nature sounds can go a long way toward drowning out distractions with sounds that don’t take your attention away from the work.
  • You’ll be sitting in your chair for at least 8 hours a day. You can’t do that in a $19 discount store chair. Save up if you have to, but get the best desk chair you can find. The same goes for your desktop. Invest in wrist pillows, a desk fan, or any other items that make your day more comfortable.

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