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What Can Freelance Writers Learn from Oprah Winfrey?

Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admit it: Oprah Winfrey has made amazing strides in her life.

She has built a multi-billion dollar brand with her intelligence, drive and ability to engage a crowd. Here are some of the techniques she uses to cultivate her signature ‘wow’ factor.

Building Connections 

By building rapport and connecting with one person, Oprah forges a connection with everyone who can relate to that person in some way.

As a freelance writer, your influence will grow as you network with other freelancers, clients, and anyone your clients and fellow writer refer you to.

Influence > Fame

Oprah is famous, but above all, influential.

Take this into consideration when you write.  Your ability to affect change with your words is more important than the number of people who recognize your name.

Concentrate on creating circles of influence, and your fame will grow effortlessly.

Playing to Your Strengths

From the beginning of her career, Oprah knew that she excelled at empathizing with people and making deep connections with them.

While extremely intelligent, her soft, friendly demeanor would have hurt her if she’d started out in hard news.

Likewise, writers have to know their strengths and play to them when marketing to potential clients.  If you’ve got a knack for entertainment writing, create sample reviews of recent movies or shows.  If blogging’s your thing, make sure you have one–and link to it in your online portfolio or resume.

By building connections, valuing influence over fame, and playing to your strengths as a writer, you’ll be on your to creating compelling, Winspirational content.

About the author 

Victoria B has been a full time freelance writer since early in 2009. She can write how-to guides, straight informative articles, restaurant and travel reviews, and keyword-guided SEO content.

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