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How To Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is easy, and it can also be fun. Whether you post every day or just once a month, or just once a year, almost everyone nowadays has a blog–even if you only post once and never do anything further with it. This is how to start your own blog, hassle-free.

The best and easiest way to get your own blog is to start an account with Blogger, on If the title of your blog were going to be “Myrna’s Blog,” then the URL address of your blog would be It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to do formatting, know HTML code, or be a computer whiz. All you’ve got to do is sign up on the site and you can choose what color you want the background to be; everything is all in place for you. All you need to do is type up your first post.

Now, your blog can basically be about whatever you want it to be about. Some people write about cars; some people write about the latest web technology, Web 2.0, or other topics in social media and social networking. Other people talk about their obsessions with doll-collecting, numismatics, or their rabid interest in the Star Wars Trilogy or even Star Trek. Whatever your interests (especially if they are varied in nature) will make good material for your blog. Just write about something that will get people talking.

After you’re done writing your first post, self-promotion is optional. Some people are better at getting page hits than others, and making money from it.

You can do anything you want with your blog; it’s yours.

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