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How to Manage Your Social Media Presence as a Freelance Writer

Writers on Social MediaSocial media is everywhere in 2013. It seems like every day a brand new social media site pops up and blows the competition out of the water, offering a new and more high-tech feature that helps people connect with the world around them. Believe it or not, Facebook, known by many as the king of social media sites, has been around for almost a decade now! Today there are over 100 various social media sites actively used by people across America. These sites can be great tools for freelance writers to promote their writing, find new clients and increase revenue.

Content writing comes in many different forms today. The job of a freelance web content writer can include blogging, revenue share writing, writing for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) sites and more. On many of these sites, the amount of income a writer can make depends on the amount of readers the author can attract, as well the quality of the writing.

With the growing number of social media sites, writers are beginning to see the value of marketing their writing in these spaces. Great social networks to attract readers to a writer’s work include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tips for Attracting Readers to Your Content via Social Marketing

If you are using Twitter, it can be difficult to market your writing because users are limited to 140 characters. It can be beneficial for you to jot down a list of intriguing tweets to draw in readers. You can use those tweets interchangeably in an effort to increase your audience of readers. Twitter is a highly trafficked site where statuses are updated often, and keeping an active presence on the site is crucial to keeping readers coming to your site. With each tweet containing a unique piece of useful information, hashtags and followers greatly increase the chance of your tweet being retweeted, exposing your writing to a brand new audience. Great hashtags to attract readers to your writing include #goodread, #bookoftheday, #readthis and #greatread.

Facebook is another great social media site for writers to use in order to market their writing. Facebook is the largest social media platform and has no character limit, so you are not confined in how much you can disclose about each article or blog you write. Having more characters available makes it important to provide a quality, well-written description of your work. Joining groups and sharing your work is one way to promote your writing on Facebook, but the site also allows writers to create their own professional business pages to market their writing. Utilizing this type of social media site has proven successful to many writers in the past. Building an impressive and professional business page with intriguing Facebook posts that encourage user interaction and involvement is an easy way to increase traffic to your articles and increase the amount of your returning readers.

LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals across the globe. If you are a serious writer, sharing your articles, blogs and books on LinkedIn can not only be a great way to increase traffic and revenue for your writing, but it is also a great site to market yourself as a writer. Many top industry executives utilize sites like LinkedIn to find employers and contract or freelance workers, and by sharing quality writing on the site, you can increase your revenue while increasing your chances of landing more writing jobs all at once! Be sure to keep an updated, professional LinkedIn profile in order to maintain your status as a professional, reliable content writer. This will help you attract regular readers as well as high-paying jobs.

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