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How to Get More Paying Customers from Email Marketing


Sometimes we try a marketing idea and it just doesn’t pan out the way we planned. Perhaps it is not the idea, but how it was executed that needs tweaking. It is often small details that make a difference in marketing and the details can change with demographic shifts or changes in trends. For instance, email marketing is one of the most successful content writing tools; however, not everyone is successful in using it to gain significant profits. Here are some tactics to consider, if you are not happy with your email marketing results:

Send Triggered Emails to Curious Prospects

Prospects that ask questions and participate in campaigns are clearly interested in your products. Keep the momentum going with a triggered email sent automatically to the subscriber if they have an abandoned cart or half-completed interaction.

Triggered emails have a 152 percent CTR higher than traditional emails and a 50 percent higher open rate.

An abandoned cart email or abandoned signup email gives you the opportunity to find out what went wrong during the process and offers these insights:

  • Gives prospect added exposure to your brand
  • Gives you customer feedback
  • Can offer prospect another CTA button for another chance at conversion

Why miss out on the low-hanging fruit?

Give Customers a Personal Touch

Building rapport with prospects is always a positive effort. Personalized emails are known to improve transaction results as much as six times more than standard emails.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

A clear CTA propels prospects down your sales funnel more efficiently. To find the best choice, A/B test the results of your CTA. Sometimes a simple tweak will give you much better results.

Link the CTA to a Specific Landing Page

Every piece of your sales funnel needs to be clear and directive. Once your CTA is clear, then you need to improve the landing page to ensure that it resonates with the CTA. With a dedicated landing page, you follow through and deliver on promises made in the email.

An example of this technique is used by Dell. Dell has over 1,000 landing pages for their products and they have resulted in increases up to 300 percent through linking to website pages.

Give Email Subscribers Something Extra

Over-delivering goes a long way in pleasing and retaining customers. One way to over-deliver is to offer a free webinar or course exclusively to subscribers.

  • This gives you an opportunity to show yourself as an authority
  • It offers repeated exposure to your company
  • It gives you a chance to show more of your offerings and possibly net a conversion

For best results on any of this tactics, test the results with A/B testing. See how much you can improve your bottom line.

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