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How to Avoid Distractions as a Freelance Writer

The blood of a freelance writer flows from the veins of some of the most creative people on earth. It’s part of the DNA! Each moment of the day must be harnessed if we are going to produce. How can we avoid costly distractions and still take care of the important things?

Freelance writers must learn to be jugglers! Coordination skills must be adapted so everything is tossed in a sequence without interrupting the flow. Our family, work, writing, and every priority must flow in sequence. This isn’t the circus, but if not careful, it can turn into one.

Have well-defined objectives and goals for the day! Be realistic. Have you ever eaten at a buffet? I have, and discovered my eyes are larger than my stomach. Afterward, I wasn’t scooting up to the table to take the next bite; I rolled to the plate! Years ago, there was a commercial advertising a toy. The slogan was”WEEBLES WOBBLE, BUT THEY DONT FALL DOWN!” Whenever I go to a buffet, I avoid turning into a “weeble” by stuffing myself with more than I can eat. Without a purpose, anything can take place and nothing will get done when stuffing your time with more than you can accomplish. Don’t be a “WEEBLE!”

Treat time as money! There is a limited supply, and in this economy who has a reserve to be wasting this resource? Before long, the clock ticks the time away, and we can be left to feel like nothing worthwhile has been completed. Don’t put off what needs to be done today for tomorrow.

It’s okay to think like a hermit! If you want peace and quiet, schedule time when you can be alone. When you have placed your writing schedule during the day, let everyone know that you are working. Set your time during the day to handle all correspondence, run errands, do a favor, watch TV, complete household chores, or to have a time of reflection early in the morning. Then these distractions won’t nag at you while writing.

Don’t make side trips during your drive time! The Internet can be a valuable tool. However, it can be a major distraction. Only use the Internet as it relates to your writing. Keep a pad handy to write down anything that needs to be done later. If it comes to mind, put it on your to-do list, and keep writing.

Garbage in, garbage out! Get rid of the “stinkin’ thinking.’” Many times the writer faces the lack of motivation or the feeling of inadequacy, lack of interest, or discouragement of others. Don’t let it govern your ability as a writer. Write what you are good at or have an interest to learn.

Be well dressed! Give your work space an overhaul. Dress it up with your personality. Organize your work area to be productive. The noise in your work space needs something you enjoy. Turn your radio on and listen to your favorite music. Dress yourself in some in comfortable clothing.

Distractions for the freelance writer are numerous. Avoid them at all costs. Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Determine to succeed. Finally, do you have an idea that would help others? Please comment!

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