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How Small Data Analytics Improves Marketing ROI


Avoid blowing your budget on poorly informed strategy and messaging.

Did you know that small marketers outperform their colleagues and provide more accurate predictions of outcomes?

Get out of the big data quagmire and use predictive analytics and improved management of big data for more actionable insights.

Learn how to select the details you need to improve your understanding of user behavior and evolve your buyer personas.

Lastly, create a roadmap to more accurate predictions with small data analytics.

1. Go Small for Meaningful Data

Big data is an asset. However, important insights can be lost when you need to wade through an overwhelming amount of data.

Look to organize big data into smaller data sets.

Use categories and establish specific goals to find and use relevant information toward your marketing strategy.

Learn who your customers are with small data analysis. Improve your understanding of target markets, verticals and segments.

Increase your knowledge of the company’s maturity, customer’s role in a purchasing decision and buyer personas to clarify how to best address and engage a B2B audience.

2. Use Small Data Analytics for Marketing Predictions

Small data analytics of more modest data sets can be used to make more realistic marketing predictions. Small data segments are important for delving deeper into customer profiles and understanding consumer behavior.

Learn how your customers engage. When do they log in? What issues make them reach out to your customer success department? What makes one email outperform others?

Why do some customers convert and others never go beyond the freemium offer?

Use small data analytics to improve customer service policies, optimize websites, increase customer engagement and support the user experience.

3. Personalize the Customer Experience

At an initial stage of your marketing automation strategy, birthday and holiday discounts using the customer’s first name may work to engage some customers.

To be an effective marketers,  brands must provide real value, personalizing messages that resonate with their individual buyer personas while being delivered at the right time.

Small data analytics are an important aspect to achieving marketing automation success. Predictive analytics can identify which elements of a campaign deliver the greatest ROI, general tendencies of your audience and how certain demographics may respond to certain offers.

These insights can then be used to drive future automated campaigns and improve engagement and conversion rates.

Even with all of the data now available, not all behaviors can be predicted or duplicated. Different subsets of your buyers may suddenly take an immediate interest in an offer that is unexpected based on previous data.

Small and big data will evolve and new customer behaviors will help you to continually improve your approach and refine your strategy.

Small data analytics and a deeper understanding of your buyer personas can give you the additional details needed to improve the success of your marketing campaign and increase your ROI.

Look for the factors that matter most to your organization, test their success with your customers and work to continually improve the customer experience.

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