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Fitness Content Marketing Insights by Lynn H

Fitness Writing Tips that Pack a Powerful Punch

The internet has become somewhat of a “wild west” when it comes to fitness.

Hundreds of thousands of websites and apps battle for clicks and downloads, and it is easy to get lost in the skirmish. According to mHealth App Developer Economics 2016, a yearly study on the state and the future of mobile healthcare, there are now more than 259,000 health apps available to people around the world. In short, attracting attention in the fitness industry is getting tougher every day.

Choosing relevant fitness topics is an essential step in creating a successful content management strategy. Deciding which topic to write about requires market research, analysis of the type of content your target audience consumes, and evaluation of the kind of content you can create for your target demographic. Taking these steps ensures that each topic adds value to your business.

Introducing your product and attracting the right people to your website, app, or brick-and-mortar are the first steps in the fitness sales funnel. The next step is to provide interesting and useful information that keeps visitors coming back for more. Here’s how you can rise to the top of the heap with your fitness content marketing.

Finding and Using Great Fitness Topics

Pick topics that address your client’s pain points

To provide real value to prospective clients, your topics should address their specific problems and needs.

Choose topics that fit your brand

How do you determine which topics are the right fit for your brand? When choosing a topic, ask these four essential questions:

  1. Does it have demand? (Are people searching for information about that topic?)
  2. Do you have the credibility to talk about it? (For example, being an expert in treadmill use may not qualify you to discuss knee replacement surgery)
  3. Is it relevant to your objectives? (Avoid topics that have little or nothing to do with your product or service)
  4. Is it evergreen? (You will want to make sure the topic remains pertinent months or even years after you post it)

Some topics are always hot

Fitness trends change from year to year. Aerobics were hot in the 1980s, and everybody was doing Tae Bo in the 1990s. While fitness fads may come and go, certain topics are always in style. Develop a go-to list of reliable, effective topics.

Tried-and-true fitness topics include:

  • Celebrity workouts
  • New or improved health and fitness products
  • Supplements
  • Healthy foods and recipes
  • Overcoming specific fitness obstacles
  • Common injuries
  • Holiday-specific articles
  • Healthy myths
  • Research results
  • Lists and FAQs

Use the internet to find the most popular topics

To rise above the fray of competition, your topic should be in big demand. Develop a handful of go-to websites that list top-performing content. BuzzSumo lists the hottest fitness titles and topics, while ScienceDaily and Medical News Today provide lists of fitness research results and informational articles. News outlets, such as US News and NBC, can also be helpful for finding fresh, relevant topics.

Use popular keywords to generate topic ideas

Keywords are words and phrases that describe your content. As you probably know, people type keywords into Google and other search engines to find content specific to those words and phrases. You can use these keywords to discover topics that are important to prospective clients because they describe the customer’s pain points in a word or short phrase.

Type the word “fitness” into WordStream to create a list of the hottest keywords relating to fitness. Top keywords might include “gym,” “bodybuilding,” “gyms near me,” and “treadmill.” Sprinkle important and relevant keywords throughout the articles to improve the content’s ranking on search engine results and reach clients who could benefit from your product or service.

Use performance metrics to measure the success of topics

Performance metrics help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing and return on investment (ROI). Sites like Google Analytics help you see data about your site, like which campaigns have brought the most traffic and the locations of your best visitors.

Watch your metrics to determine which topics gets the most traffic. You may find that nearly all of your traffic comes from one topic. Optimize the post and create more content focusing on that topic.

Consider the publication

The topic and “voice” of your content should match the website, journal, or magazine that is publishing your material. For example, content appropriate for Bombshell Sportswear might not be appropriate for publication in Faithful Workouts.

Choose topics that complement your other marketing strategies

The topics you choose for content marketing should also add value to your other online and offline marketing approaches. Fitness gurus like Jillian Michaels often use the same topic across their websites, social media accounts, and streaming platforms.

Hire fitness writers with skills, tools, and experience in fitness writing

To maximize your success in fitness content marketing, hire fitness writers who have access to a steady supply of new and interesting topics. Content marketing pros know how to attract clients with catchy titles, interesting topics, seamless incorporation of keywords, and informative content that keeps readers coming back for more. You can rely on these writers to keep up with what’s new with fitness writing and fitness content marketing news. They can also ensure that your topic and voice fit the publisher and return impressive results in your performance metrics.

Furthermore, professional writers can share their fitness writing insights to help you learn more about choosing content marketing topics in the industry. The best fitness content marketing writers have bookmarked their favorite fitness news sites and have long lists of keywords for nearly every fitness niche.

Even though the fitness sector is already massively popular, it will probably continue to grow even larger. The best way to succeed in this competitive niche is to write about topics that your target audience will find most interesting and useful in their quest to be fit and healthy.

About the author

Lynn H has been a professional writer, providing exceptional content online and offline, for nearly 20 years. In that time, she has penned thousands of articles for doctors, universities, researchers, small businesses, nursing organizations, sole proprietors and more. Lynn writes everything from blogs to white papers; her specialty is putting complex scientific concepts in simple terms.

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