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Finding Freelance Writing Work in Your Local Community


If you started your freelance writing career on the Internet like I did, you may not realize how many writing opportunities exist in your local community. Those of us who spend our days working for global customers tend to forget the immediate world around us. I have found that my connections from previous careers have helped me find local work as a writer. Recently, a small web company owner whom I have known for over 15 years was excited to learn that I was writing for a living. He immediately asked me if I could write content for his customers. Most of his customers are still learning the basics about content marketing. They want to find a freelance writer who is knowledgeable to write their content. My six-year content writing experience makes me an expert in their eyes.

Looking for local opportunities to write is similar to seeking a job. It is worth digging into your past work history to find hidden gems that can lead you to a regular writing gig. Here are some simple ways to find work in your local community.


Networking seems to be the answer to everything these days; however it is one of the best methods for finding work. Meeting contacts one-on-one for coffee can develop into a lucrative venue for freelance writing.

Follow Your Niche

If you specialize in a specific field, talk to people who work in that field. Every business has a website these days…or should. Offer to write blog posts and improve their website content or find out who currently maintains their site. Their webmaster may want to hire you for all of their clients.

Newspapers and Periodicals

Yes, these avenues still exist and most of them have online and print versions. By writing for a newspaper, you add authority to your profile and get a byline at the same time.


Schools have websites, blogs, and lots of events to write about. Offer your services to the local school system, college, or university. Dig deep to find the person or people who manage their communications.

Retail and Service Businesses

Most retail and service businesses have websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. Offer your services to maximize their social media content.


Introduce yourself to friends, friends of friends, and your kids’ friends’ parents. Many of them own businesses that need written content.


Examine websites of local companies. Look for areas that need improvement. Cold call the owner and offer your services. If they decline, ask them if they know anyone else who needs your writing skills.

Don’t be shy about your previous work. Leverage your past work as examples of what you can do. If you can write blog posts for one dentist, then you can write for several dentists. Create an online resume of all of your publicly available work. Since content marketing is a relatively new field, your expertise is valuable. This is a good way to find work for yourself and help build the economy of your local community.

Paula A is a freelance writer who works with a cup of coffee at her side to keep herself fueled. When she is not writing, editing or drinking coffee, she is chauffeuring her family to activities, making jewelry, trying recipes or making a quick run for a hazelnut latte.

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