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Evaluating the Importance of Communication and Good Writing


You’ve wrapped your mind around the fact that content, both offline and online, is of the utmost importance for your business. After all, it’s through content that you connect with your customers, offer them discounts, inform them about the products and services you’re selling, and lots more.

There’s only one problem, though…you don’t know how to create content. At least not the type that anyone would want to read.

This is where a freelance business writer can come to the rescue, taking the hassle out of writing content. With a few guidelines and instructions, as well as a few dollars, you can have great content produced for you on a consistent basis. From landing pages to brochures to emails and more, a freelance business writer is your go-to solution in terms of getting your hands on the content you’re in need of.

Wait a minute. There are literally thousands of freelance writers out there for you to choose from. How are you ever going to pick one?

It’s simple. You need to find a few writers who can provide you with first-class writing samples that relate to your industry. These writers also need to exemplify superb communication. The combination of these two characteristics will result in the hiring of a dynamite writer who produces explosive and attention grasping content.

Communication and Good Writing…Which One Is More Important?

Although I would love to say that good writing is more important than communication, I simply can’t. You can hire a writer who has the most distinguished writing skills in the world, but without effective communication, this person’s services will be rendered useless. Because of this, when evaluating the importance of communication and good writing, communication comes out on top.

Fortunately, it’s quite possible to find writers who boast both top-notch communication capabilities and champion writing skills. To find these writers, you can basically take three routes:

  • Use a content mill
  • Search for them online
  • Ask your friends and colleagues

Regardless of the route you take, once you’ve located three or more writers who are easy to communicate with and have provided you with samples of their previously published works, you can then send each of them a sample assignment, which you will need to pay for.

For example, you could ask each of them to create a 300-word blog post for your site. Whichever writer communicates the most effectively and produces the best writing will likely be worth establishing a long-term relationship with. If, however, you feel that none of the writers are properly meeting your content needs, then it’s best to continue your search.

And, as always, experience goes a long way. A freelance writer who can respectfully call him or herself a professional will be one who has at least two years of experience in creating first-string content for a variety of clients.

The Takeaway

Hiring a writer should be viewed as an investment. And, as with any investment, you’ll want to be cautious. Remember, ace writers are abundantly available, but many of them lack the ability to maintain open lines of communication. Conversely, there are tons of writers who lack sterling writing capabilities, but are great at communicating. You need to find a writer who displays both of these characteristics, and then you’ll be well on your way to having a content creator in your corner who can meet any and all of your content needs.

Whitney W creates content for both online and offline clients. She spends her days switching back and forth between the roles of a content writer, mother, and wife. As she continues to progress in her career as a content creator, she has learned the importance of connecting with clients via social media platforms . In fact, it is social media that has brought her the most success as a professional freelance writer.

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