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Engaging to Win with Steve Lucas

In my opinion, customer experience and content marketing are begging to both blur and bind at the hip. After all, it’s all about the customer (revenue) when it comes to marketing.

Hats off to Steve Lucas. He’s created a great content asset that challenges us to think deeply and develop our own personal brand. Lucas advocates using tone, style, and voice to stand apart yet integrate with the company brand where we’ve chosen to work. He says:

“Our choice is binary. We engage our customers early, everywhere, in meaningful and life-long personal journeys. Or we risk being sentenced to irrelevance.”

Do download this Manifesto for examples of how to truly “engage” your customers with information, as well as how to “interact” with them in a way that will keep you in their mind long after they pass you by.

I hope to see Steve apply for a speaking slot at next year’s Content Marketing Conference, as our theme (the Art and Science of Content Marketing) is right up his alley.

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Guest Author

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