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Don’t Bomb a “First Date” in Business

businessdateImagine you’re on a blind date and your potential partner arrives. They’re disorganized, forgot their wallet, talk far too much about themselves, and they aren’t exactly compelling in the conversational department, either. You wouldn’t exactly be chomping at the bit to text them for a second date later on, would you? When you’re “too close” to your proposal and fail to use objectivity and preparation properly, this is the unfortunate first impression you may be making. Using a proposal writing service gives you a buffer you might otherwise struggle to inject into your work, projecting confidence – even if you may still be a little nervous in reality.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

When you think about the subject of your proposal, are you absolutely sure the individual or team reviewing that proposal is on the same page you are? Working in a department or position over time naturally builds a “groove” that takes certain existing resources or processes for granted. If the organization you’re handing a proposal to isn’t privy to those “givens,” it might read as if you’re trying to rush through to a goal, rather than using the careful planning you have in place. Your proposal writer will have a basic knowledge of what you’re trying to accomplish, but he or she will also be new enough to ask the questions a review panel might. This back-and-forth will give you a valuable opportunity to shore up any unintentional gaps in your explanations.

They’ve Been Here Before

You know a great deal about your industry, product or service. If it happens to use components made by other companies, would you switch gears mid-way and start trying to cobble an important piece together with what you have laying around the office? Of course not – you trust the component company to produce the item you need while you focus on delivering an end product or result to your customer. Proposal writing is no different – it’s a specialized skill that’s best left to those that understand its format. When you use a proposal writing service, you can relax in the knowledge that your proposal is in the hands of an experienced professional. The proposal contents themselves might be innovative and new, but professional proposal writers will produce a clean, polished result that attractively frames those contents in the best light.

Agonizing over the wording of a proposal when there’s project-oriented work to be done is mismanagement of resources, plain and simple. Don’t struggle with frustration and deadlines in the wrong arena when you could shine in another; comparative advantage – working on what you’re most talented with – is a sound concept that promotes efficiency. Hiring a proposal writing service is a fast, easy way to cross one more thing off of your overflowing to-do list while getting your project on target, on time, and in budget, once your proposal is approved. Good business requires smart delegation, and that starts with bringing in a talented writer to support your proposal writing efforts.

Delany M is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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