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Benefits of Writing About Topics That Aren’t Revolutionary


Perhaps you are like me and once dreamed of writing some revolutionary piece of content that would transform the world, inciting benevolence in all mankind. Unfortunately, day-to-day reality, which involves bills that have to be paid, has led me to write about topics I would have and still may not consider interesting, groundbreaking, or even worthwhile.

However, it is important to remember that when working for a writing service, in an attempt to make money, sometimes, we have to write about dull topics. Thankfully, there are some positives to be gleaned from writing about topics that aren’t quite revolutionary.

You May Learn Something

Many times, when I have taken a job on a topic about which I was uninterested, I have learned something while researching for the article. For instance, while writing plastic surgery articles, I learned more than I ever wanted to learn about boob jobs and Botox. I have found, though, that through writing about those “odd” topics, I’ve gained an abundance of trivia-type knowledge. Therefore, never shy away from a topic just because it seems dull or unimportant, because you never know what you might learn while writing.

You Have to Make Money

To put it simply, sometimes you have to write about things you don’t want to write about to make money. After all, that is our goal, as freelance writers. Of course, I am not implying that you compromise your principles in order to make money. However, when the problem with a job is simply a dull topic, that is no reason to turn up your nose. After all, you will sometimes need those jobs about extermination products to get you through till you find an article topic that makes your heart flutter with anticipation.

Bonus Tip: To get you through the mundane times, make sure you still write about topics you enjoy, even if it’s for free, and you put it on your personal website. Just having that creative outlet can do wonders after a day spent describing a desk chair in 20 different ways.

You Could Find a Hidden Niche

Another reason to take on dull or unimportant jobs is the fact that you might find a hidden niche. For instance, when I first started working as a freelance writer, I wouldn’t touch a medical or law article with a 10-foot pole. After all, I am not a doctor or a lawyer. What I learned through the years, though, is I can research this stuff and write a pretty good article, fairly easily, about many topics in the medical and law arenas. Therefore, I found I could handle those topics and now will take them without hesitation, although they are still pretty dull. However, if I never tried to write about these topics, I wouldn’t have found that hidden niche.

If you are like me, your writing career has evolved as you have learned more and more about the industry. However, one tip that I will always remember is that jobs with dull topics pay just like those with interesting ones, so sometimes, we do what we have to do and write about topics that are far less than revolutionary.

Brandie P most enjoys writing about home design and decor, budget related pieces, her spiritual beliefs and personal experiences. She lives in North Georgia along with her family and is enjoying the crisp weather.

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