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5 Cool Analytics Tools for 2015 and Beyond

stacks of data bindersAs a marketing expert, do you feel as if you are drowning in data? The nuclear explosion of big data has brought forth a plethora of analytics programs that promise to strategically streamline and simplify the vast bits of the binary world you now inhabit. However, here are five of the latest programs designed to fine tune the noise into an easy-to-understand harmonic convergence. This crucial information will help your efforts to make a selection from myriad freelance writer websites for your purposes, and with one of these programs, you may find your marketing efforts in alignment with the stars of the electronic universe.

1. RankWatch

SEO optimization and keywords remain important, and RankWatch arms you with a dashboard that presents your Google rankings for competitor analysis, keyword performance, backlink audits, and it does so in easy-to-comprehend reports. In addition, RankWatch offers email alerts to changes in rankings and a feature called “Hidden Opportunities,” which identifies keywords for which your site ranks just below number one.

2. KissMetrics

KissMetrics analyzes the behavior of repeat visitors as it changes over time. The program makes sense of the bounce rate and helps determine if they are leaving the site to return later, or leaving for good. With KissMetrics, you can track behavior over time, individual visitor metrics, a timeline view of visitors, and recent and typical referrals. The program will help identify critical patterns and point to potential opportunities to exploit.

3. Wistia Video Analytics

Wistia will identify how many individuals click, play and view you online demos, explainer videos or any other marketing video. Moreover, the program will track how many individuals watch your tutorial bank. With Vimeo and YouTube you have access only to total number of views and subscriber count. Moreover, Wistia can determine how long the viewer watched your content and how many times a single viewer watches the same video.

4. ClickTale

ClickTale provides you with real-time feedback, in-ecommerce store analytics, and website analytics that gives insight into the website properties crafted for increasing conversion rates. While conventional analytics programs provide page-to-page information, ClickTale offers in-site data that allows you to optimize the properties of your site and bolster profits.

Some fun and usable features include “playable videos of users’ browsing experiences,” also known as session playback, and the capacity to specify input methods including zooming, taps, pinches, double taps and others. In addition, ClickTale offers a heat map suite.

5. Zapbi

So many analytics programs target ecommerce sites; however, Zapbi offers the capability of integrating ecommerce and brick-and-mortar store data, including the capacity to analyze loyalty and merchandising programs, produce information on inventory and respond to queries regarding sales over a period of time. Zapbi can integrate data and metrics on merchandising, displays, physical POS terminals and loyalty programs.


As a former resident of the Haight Ashbury District in San Francisco, Wendy H gleefully promotes peace, tranquility and harmony for marketing experts who are fighting back the flood of data on a daily basis. However, she no longer wears tie-dye, and she never wore Birkenstocks.

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