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10 Reasons Outsourcing to a Freelance Writing Site Beats Internal Hiring

10 Reasons Outsourcing to a Freelance Writing Site Beats Internal Hiring

The so-called “gig economy” is one of the best things to happen to business in decades.

It cuts a lot of the red tape and waiting out of the team-building process, and makes pivoting, adding-on or changing your customer-facing experience a snap.

When it comes to creative content, it’s especially effective, as hiring freelance writers allows for unprecedented flexibility, variety and speed – something that even quality writers struggle to duplicate when they’re metaphorically tied to a desk.

Still need convincing? Here are ten ways that using a freelance writer over an in-house one will revolutionize your business.

The Big One: Money

Realistically, almost every solid business decision comes down to cost savings eventually. That’s where the choice to use freelance writers really shines.

When you use an in-house writer, you’re paying for them 100% of the time that they’re at the office, whether they’re producing content or not.

Attempting to pay your employees solely on production results wouldn’t go over very well with traditional staff; even realtors draw a salary between housing sales.

In freelance, results-based pay is the norm, not the exception. Additionally, some of the more popular content-writing platforms even have the financial protection of a satisfaction guarantee.

Underwater Basket Weaving?

Businesses become successful by leveraging their unique selling points – the problem is, sometimes they’re so unique that the average writer might struggle to capture your concept on the page.

If you’re the star of a niche industry, you need a writer that understands it thoroughly to really highlight your positive differences.

If you sell multiple products within multiple channels, that content difficulty intensifies.

When you use freelance talent, you can pick and choose an entire team of writers based on previous experience or specialties and still pay the same amount for each piece of content. That talent diversity translates to some seriously stellar content!

Those Looming Deadlines

Your content needs don’t always politely stick to business hours for you.

Sometimes a new product launch gets moved up, a last-minute sale ends up on the to-do list, or a little extra push is needed to keep up with the competition.

Don’t slow down the works by waiting for the weekend to pass, or international business hours to start: when you hire freelance writers, you’ll get access to the best night owls and early risers in the business.

Simply communicate your deadlines, set your timers, and let them work their content magic on your timeline.

No-Sweat Billing

Allocating and efficiently using budget dollars is, more often than not, a headache. You might set money aside, but the chance you’ll underspend, overspend or borrow some for another project need is high.

When you use a platform, you can stash your content budget “in the bank” and simply draw on it as needed for each piece of content.

Your purchases are even broken out on invoices or your platform dashboard, so you can narrow down exact content cost on a particular project or phase in just a few clicks. Need to calculate your ROI? Done and done!

Drama-Free Auditions

Interviewing, hiring and dismissing employees is a very big hassle and involves tons of paperwork, more often than not.

When an in-house writer just isn’t hitting the mark, the time required to find and train a new one robs valuable hours from your busy schedule and can set your timeline back days, weeks or even months.

When you use a marketing content writer from a platform, you’ll be able to scan profiles and portfolios and order small tryout articles before committing to an ongoing working relationship.

If you decide your content needs have changed, it’s easy to add another freelance writer to your team, or switch gears to a subject specialist – no hard feelings, no paperwork, no schedule crunch and no drama.

A Helping Hand

A particularly attractive benefit for small businesses, or those expanding to new markets, a seasoned freelancer can offer content direction and advice.

Whether it’s coming up with ideas for blog posts when your inspiration well has run dry, or suggestions for e-book topics to boost a giveaway, you’ll have a virtual army of talented allies at your fingertips when you hire freelance writers.

Have older content that needs updating, or a page that desperately needs some proofreading? Your platform writers can help there too – just set up a job and watch any previous content mistakes practically fix themselves.

An Amazing Writing Factory

When you work with an in-house writer on a series of content pieces, you need to wait for each one to be finished and approved before the next one is begun.

This poses an issue on a tight timeline, slowing down content rollouts and potentially losing the interest of your audience.

When time is of the essence, your virtual army of quality writers can turn out an entire campaign’s worth of work simultaneously, ensuring that you meet your content goals, your readers stay engaged, and you keep going full steam ahead towards success.

Convenience & Efficiency

Managing a creative team is one of the biggest time-sinks on any given project – the check-ins, the hour-logging, the project management interface setups.

When you use a platform to hire freelance writers, it’s all taken care of you – the only thing you need to do is fund your account, explain what you need, and set your deadlines.

Your content “automagically” appears, and once you plug it into your internal systems, it’s one more thing you can check off of your project to-do list.

Store, Access and Share from Anywhere

When you’re working in a large project team, emails can go missing, files can fall off the radar and miscommunication lurks around every corner.

When you use a 3rd party writing platform for hiring freelance writers, everyone on your team can quickly and easily read and retrieve content from the platform itself.

Think of it as a handy unpublished content backup in case of a server crash, or a work-around for delivering content in case a project partner’s system clashes with your own.

If more than one individual on your project team needs to approve content, the platform’s comment and message system provides a handy approval tracking method as well.

Pre-Vetted Expert Writers

When you hire a marketing content writer from a platform, you do so with the peace of mind that your chosen professional has already been vetted, with on-platform completion numbers and a quality rank to back up their portfolios.

That means you don’t need to track down previous clients to verify their expertise, and you won’t need to tangle with issuing 1099 forms – all the frustrating parts of working with a content writer have already been handled by the platform.

Free time is the most expensive resource your company stands to lose, so why not keep more of it in the bank by outsourcing your writing needs to a company that specializes in pairing clients and writers? You’ll be glad you did, and so will your schedule.

Ready to add a little simplicity – and a lot of wow factor – to your upcoming projects? WriterAccess has more than 16,000 writers ready and waiting to take on your content needs, save your schedule and deliver quality content in just a few minutes.

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