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AI Content Wizard

Meet your ultimate content marketing strategic assistant – The AI Content Wizard! Unlock the fastest and most effective way to identify content creation opportunities that will skyrocket your organic traffic.

Within minutes, the AI Content Wizard performs extensive content research and gap analysis to create blog post briefs designed to optimize your blog’s ranking on Google.

How to discover your content opportunities

Gaining insights into your audience, competitors, keywords, and persona allows us to customize content research and gap analysis tailored to your business needs. This customized approach ensures the most effective strategy for your content creation.

Step #1

Tell us about yourself

Providing your domain and your target audience’s location will help us gather relevant data about your keywords and more.

Step #2

Who is the competition?

Add the names of at least three competitors, so we can run our gap analysis and find the best opportunities for you to outperform them.

Step #3

What are we talking about?

Choose the keywords you want to rank for and help us understand your focus, so we can provide more assertive analysis and recommendations.

Step #4

Who is the target audience? Tell us everything!

Understanding your audience is crucial for a successful content strategy. Providing information about your audience will allow us to suggest relevant content that will resonate with them.

Step #5

Check the core message you’re looking for

After collecting your input, AI Content Wizard works magic to generate the best content opportunities for organic traffic.

Get to know AI Content Wizard tool

Done! The AI Content Wizard will generate complete content briefs that our talent network can use to create high-quality content for you.

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Find the best content

opportunities fast

The Al Content Wizard analyzes your domain, audience, competitors, and keywords to suggest the best content opportunities.

Access comprehensive


From identifying gaps in your existing strategy to uncovering untapped audience interests, our Al-driven recommendations will propel your content marketing to new heights.

Content ideas

at your fingertips

Say goodbye to writer’s block! With the Al Content Wizard, you’ll have an extensive library of content ideas tailored to your audience and business strategy.

Ready to give it a try?

The AI Content Wizard is a feature part of WriterAccess’ marketplace that can make content creation a breeze!

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