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Jabari B. is extremely excited to explore opportunities to create great content for a variety of clients. His background is in Information Technology, but he has always been passionate about writing and bringing stories to life. Jabari is currently employed in the insurance industry and also recently worked in banking. He has a strong business background and a knack for bringing interesting topics to life. He plans to become a tremendous asset to your team and provide quality content for your readers!


Jabari specializes in adapting stories to fit a particular audience. He has been exposed to many different cultural environments and is adept at applying writing techniques that will allow connections with readers. He is a self-described perfectionist that will spend countless hours working to provide the best quality content that fits requirements.


Jabari's primary interest is in money management. He has a passion for personal finance and loves to assist others with helping to achieve more financial independence. He is also very interested in real estate and enjoys the process of identifying attractive residential properties. Nevertheless, sports were his first love and he is a rabid baseball fan!


Georgia State University


1 Projects Completed

Jabari has written articles that describe his journey to more financial freedom. He has a passion for identifying methods that make money go further.


0 Projects Completed

Jabari has worked in business for over five years which has given him the opportunity to learn more about how to express thoughts in a professional setting. He is consistently tasked with writing persuasive, concise and meaningful works that impact decision makers.


1 Projects Completed

Jabari created a personal story about commitment and developing unique ways to build wealth. His goal was to show the audience that financial independence is not just wishful thinking.

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